It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up. #fit#fitnessvation #bendfit #physiotherapy #vacation #relaxation #motivation #yogistyle #fitness #fitnessgirl
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WHAT A TRAINER EATS This morning's breakfast was kind of a green goddess huevos rancheros. It was a mess of two steamed corn tortillas, black beans, two eggs over easy, avocado, a pile of cilantro and diced onion, queso fresco and a spoonful of Mexican crema (We don't usually have this much high fat dairy around, but it was leftover from my Wife's surprise Birthday party), habanero salsa, and asparagus with sea salt. #campvictory #bendoregon #centraloregon #bendfit #powerbreakfast #healthyanddelicious #themostimportantmealoftheday #huevosrancheros #eatwell
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This was our last session of Victory Rally strength training at our Southside location. It was a lot of plyo and bodyweight as we had already started moving the majority of our equipment, but it was a butt kicker and a lot of fun. We appreciate our Camp Victory community and welcome all the newcomers that joined us in the last couple of months. Check out our March schedule at Get A Move On Studio and come be a part of our community. #campvictory #bendoregon #centraloregon #bendfit #strengthtraining #grouptraining #movingon #fitnesscommunity #gamo #bestrong #beproud #beconfident
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Forget paying thousands of dollars on a home gym. You might be surprised at what you can do with a good kettlebell and/or suspension trainer. We believe in educating and empowering our clients and members, so come try a group training session or book a personal training appointment to learn the benefits and movements of this simple and effective equipment. Check out our full training schedule at #campvictory #bendoregon #centraloregon #bendfit #kettlebell #suspensiontraining #educateandempower #homegym #bestrong #beproud #beconfident
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We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to get a Move On Studio for providing us with a temporary home while we search for a new studio space. They are an amazing local business that provides the best Zumba, DanceFit, Jazz, Tap around and more. No matter where we are we will always recommend GAMO to anyone interested in fun ways to stay moving and fit. Check out there full class schedule at #gamo #campvictory #bendoregon #centraloregon #bendfit #zumba #dancefitness #jazzdance #tapdance #gratitude #temporaryhome
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Announcing a transition: In late October, we were offered an extremely generous monthly sublease with the preface that the primary lease would be changing hands in the near future. Between the amazing deal, attorney approval, lean purchases and assurance we would have someone in our corner for the handover, we felt that it was worth the risk. We received notice that new tenants would be taking over sooner than expected and they need the whole building. We don’t regret the decision as what we accomplished in a couple of months on a very modest budget was nothing short of amazing. We had members, friends, and family donate their time, money and materials in support of our dream to provide free programs to our community and make quality fitness programming more accessible for everyone. We didn’t bolt anything down; the studio is made to move. We have a leasing broker who is aggressively seeking out a new space. In the meantime we will return to our wonderful hosts at Get A Move On Studio on the northside of Bend beginning Monday 2/26 with a new, condensed schedule. We are still working on the class calendar, but we will post our new schedule by the end of the week. We apologize for the inconvenience for those who have just starting coming to our studio. We will do everything we can to open our own doors again very soon. This is just the beginning! Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Proud - Ryan #campvictory #bendoregon #centraloregon #bendfit #justtemporary #transition #takearisk #getamoveonstudio
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