Sometimes the people who we treat most....... Hurt us most..... 😔😔😔😔 . .. . . . .. . . . . . . #val#valueyourself #loveyourself #loveothers #maketheworldsmile #makepeoplehappy #makepeoplesmile #keepsmiling. #valueyourself #truth #trustyourself #trustyourgut #trustyourpath #trustyourheart #beliveinyourself #bel#beliveingod #believeinyourselfalways #beliveingod
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Looking forward is the key to YOUR success, don’t look left, right or behind you that’s not the direction your going. 💪 Follow YOUR dreams and always make sure you DO you. I’m not perfect in what I do, but I try my best to be the best version of me, not for you but for ME. 👏🏻 Social media can portray you as someone that’s not you. Stay true to your identity, mission and Stand strong with your beliefs. Go out there and inspire others but not for selfish reasons. There’s more to life than a like and how big your following is and how many deals you can get. What is it you do for others, what value do you share in order for you to succeed? Tag a mama boss who deserves a big shout out below 💖 #letsgrowtogether #justDOyou
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Recently I unveiled one of my biggest insecurities. • I can’t comprehend what I read. • I can read words fast. Even could tell you what words I read on the pages. • But ask me to tell you what the jumbled words combined mean- I’d likely look at you with a blank stare. • If you hang out long enough online- you’ll see motivational posts telling you that in order to become successful you just need to read books. • I can tell you now, this isn’t true for everybody. • And there are many ways to learn and comprehend. • I for one can learn well from visually being shown how to do things. Audio as well. • If you show me how to do something, I typically get it right quickly- and can retain forever. • Using simple tools like #youtube and #blinkist to learn what books teach. • And invest in mentorship to directly be shown how to do things. • I have found there is nothing I can’t learn. • I’ve also known that there are people like me out there than I realized. • Just know you’re not alone and you’re also not limited. No matter what school, teachers, and/or social media have said otherwise. • How vital has reading been to your success?
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Don't Quit.
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For that woman who is looking to find herself again; she lost herself awhile back and is longing to find her again. She used to be confident, she was carefree, she felt great inside and outside and things came to her naturally and easily. To that woman I would first give her a hug and tell her she is beautiful! She’s got it and she can get it all back again and more. Start again, quitting is not an option, hold your head up high and tell yourself you are strong, you have will power💥, you are confident. I would tell her to get a community of women to support her, get a coach who will get her started until she gets to a point where she is comfortable and has found her again💕. It’s okay to lose her, she’s still there.
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Happy Saturday! Just a reminder for those who need it today. #believeinyourselfalways
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