Look at Lisa Jo Goooo! 💪😍💯🎉 #inspiration . Reposted from @ljlosinglbs - He said “ give me 100” I thought I had about 50 left in me. I ended up giving him 150. Surround yourself with people that will push you farther than you think you can go. Then reward them with an extra 50. ❤️ @eb_30x . . #livingmybestlife #believeinyourself #startedfromthebottom #nowimhere #believeinthejourney #motivated #cleaneating #healthychoices #itdoesnthavetobeboring#thefitlife #healthyliving 😍💗😍💗 💪😉👍💥🎉 #fightforyourgoals #goals2019 💯 #anewme #myweightlossjourney #chiselandshape #2019goals #nopainnogain #fitisthenewsexy #bootcamp #2019takeover😈 #2ndtononefitness #coachd #girlsthatsquat #girlsthatlift #thickgirlsrock #shortgirlsrock
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Work on getting myself healthy and get paid in return… This is pretty much the first principle as a coach. You make sure you take care of yourself - that is your number one investment. I knew early on in my journey (a few months in) that this was the lifestyle change I’ve been searching for in my life. And I knew I wanted to share it and help others come to the same realization themselves. So, I continued to work on my goals and my healthy living journey. But at the same time, I was talking to people and getting their journeys started as well. Something else I knew, I wasn’t going back to work after baby number 2! I wanted to stay at home, cause it was the most cost effective thing we could do for our family. I decided to give being my own boss a try. I love not being restricted by time (aside from school drop off and pick up!). And enjoying PD days and March break without the stress of where our kids will go is starting to sink in more and more. We didn’t do anything exciting over March break (our son had a nasty virus) but they watched mommy do her thing and hearing my son say ‘you’re doing great mommy’ or ‘don’t stop, keep going’ was refreshing ;) Cause some days I’m too hard on myself. We all need reminders to keep going, even when change is scary or unknown. And our kids are the most resilient in this area. I see the ladies in my group achieving their goals right beside me and it’s a beautiful thing to see. I’m onto the next phase in my journey. Climb or Teaching others how to do this as a business, to make it fit your lifestyle. Change still scares me as well, but when we get uncomfortable we grow. And ‘tis the season for blooming and growing right?! I’d love to chat more if you’re ready to commit 💚 Commit to your health, commit to new things, commit to stepping outside your comfort zone so we can be awesome together🤘🏻 Spring is here, it’s time for change 🌸
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Back to a story of two weeks ago 🏃‍♀️crossing down this cute little stream trying to not get my shoes wet 😆 📸 Ted Teh Photobug #BUTM52km #dramaws9 #ultramarathon #throwback #butm2019 #runnerthings #borneoultratrailmarathon #rivercrossing #keepingdry #racepic #lovewhatyoudo #believeinthejourney
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