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#beinspired together we rise. #Repost @lennyletter with @get_repost ・・・ Today @marchforourlives takes their movement to the streets. A fight for gun control, safer schools and the end of mass shootings and a demand that our government takes real action. @teenvogue cover stars and student gun violence activists @emmazelaznog @jackiecorin @sarahchadwick.k and @mad_liberator on why they are marching today. #teenvogue #marchforourlives 🎥 @tylersphotos
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✨ESTEEMED SPEAKER ALERT 🚨 • JOSHUA DWAIN is an international photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Along with his wife Anyeka, @joshua_dwain enjoys documenting relationships and special moments for his US and international clients. He believes that a camera is a tool that is used to capture authentic stories and evoke long-lasting memories and emotion. #beinspired #brooklyn #upperroomgiveback {Link In Bio } #Network is #networth
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