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Many times “letting go” is more powerful than “piling on.” Whether that be letting go of negative memories, thoughts, labels etc as we let go we also allow more good things to come into life. A powerful way to do this is to first off become aware of what the feeling is. Awareness is where the power is and the next step is to let it be okay that you feel it. Sometimes we think we must change our emotions or that they “shouldn’t be there.” This creates resistance and this is where the “charge” comes in. When you “allow” the feelings to be there they become more flexible, more malleable since the resistance starts to go away. The next step is to look at the memory in a new way. In the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill he states that “with every negative experience a seed is planted with the potential of equal or greater growth/opportunity.” I’m paraphrasing here but I am a firm believer in this. Had a rough childhood? Maybe that caused pressure for you to become strong in a whole new way. Had a bad relationship? Maybe by knowing what you don’t want you become more clear as to what you do want. Lost a job? Maybe that will give you the motivation and “space” to start something new that you may be even more passionate about. The truth is the meaning we give situation determines the outcome we perceive. To simplify, Let it be okay to feel what you do, observe those thoughts/emotions and then reframe the whole memory. You’ll then start to notice that as you let go of resistance and start to live in a much more “free” way. Plus you’ll expand your consciousness. That’s cool too… 😎Much love!✌️
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Have you watched the Stink documentary yet? If you haven’t please please please take the time and watch it. If you aren’t a label reader yet this will definitely do it. Your health is worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT! It’s why so many people are switching to safer, more pure products. Arbonne has been providing pure, safe and beneficial products for over 35 years. It’s why I’m so passionate about sharing them with you! I do this because of YOU! You deserve to know about Arbonne and make the choice for yourself.
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Treehugasana is a chakra balancing, endocrine system calming pose. Enter the pose by tenderly approaching a tree with a quiet bark. Invite all four corners of your feet to grow roots as well as engage mula banda as you micro bend your knees, letting go of your pelvic floor. Shoulders move away from ears and ribs float back as they make room for the heart to reach out and feel into the rings of the tree and its core. Relax the base of your skull and gaze out of the window of third eye, infusing your view with the knowing of the sameness you share with tree as you feel tree embracing you back. Breathing for 3....,2....,1...... For a limited time only ! While there are still trees in your hood, practice this yoga pose to deepen your roots, widen your smile and blossom your sense of connection to everything. . . . . . . . . . . #payattention #yogaoffthemat #asanashmasana #align #play #beyou #maryoliver #rumi #beherenow #blackcrowyoga #yogaflow #🙏🏻 #❤ #livenow #heartfeltliving #treehugasana #chakrabalance #growroots
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