I know, I get it. It is that time of the year you are busy making lists of what you can give to others this holiday season 🌲 • • • But, can I ask you something...what are you giving yourself this holiday season!? You can’t pour from an empty cup for very long before you, quite frankly, you begin to lose your mind 🤪 • • • Taking care of YOU means taking care of your loved ones! When you are healthy, happy, and confident, you are better equipped to handle life...which is always happening, can I get an amen!? 🙋🏼‍♀️ • • • My December 3rd holiday bootcamp is now OPEN for registration! You will learn all about THRIVING through the holidays, and head into 2019 feeling YOUR BEST! 👊🏻 • • • Link in my bio to sign up! ⬆️
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Head down and grinding this #Mondaymorning. I've heard a lot of "I wish I was as motivated as you to go that early." - Well, truth is, I'm not motivated to get up this early anymore. It's just became a habit. It's part of my routine. - @__jho____ goes in the afternoon, but she's #consistent. Am I more motivated than her because I'm here earlier? Absolutely not. It's about just getting your ass in there and doing the work. - Really, I'm not "excited" to wake up at 4:15 to go to the gym. However, I don't feel burnt out either. I know there's a lot of room for growth and I continue to push myself. - #Motivation keeps you there, #discipline keeps you going. - Including today, we have 7 more Monday's in the year. If you want to get a jumpstart on #2019, I'm always looking for motivated individuals to help! If you have any questions, my inbox is always open! Plus, it's never too late to hop into the #mytransphormationstartstoday challenge! - Go out and kill it today! - - - #TGIM #iam1stphorm #100-0
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Training Session 8 'Core' Blimey is the name I give to today's session. It was a solid core work out. Today I managed 45 second planks during the circuits which is so much better than my first week of 25 seconds... small steps peeps 👟👟👟 @eff@effpt put in 100% and we gave back. He is determined to turn us into furniture with th planking. He always mixes up the exercises which gives me a chance to either hate or fall in love with new equipment. Today I fell in love with.....➡️➡️➡️➡️swipe right. 45kg was not bad considering it is the first time. Looking forward to the next session @force_fitness_sx with @effpt on Wednesday and my gym buddy @zeenatshamsuddin Tip of the day 🏋️‍♀️ Make sure that you stretch out after every workout, a stretch which was really effective today was the 'child's pose'. #forcefitnessessex #coreworkout #planks #gym#gym #newbie #fitness #beginnerfitness #gains #effort #gymtime #gym #weightloss #fitnesschallenge #blogger #fitnessstarter #personaltrainer #motivation #essex #training #earlysessions #mumthatgyms #determination #kickstart #essexfitness #bodytransformation #cablepulldown #yoga #stretching
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Some Sunday soul food for you: YOU GOT THIS. There is no mountain you can’t climb. There is no battle you can’t win. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome. So long as you have people to support you, a mindset to back you, and the confidence and health to carry you. If you need some help, as always we’re here. ❣️ info@therapyfitnesspnw.com for details, questions, + dope conversations.
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Home made general tso’s chicken with basmati rice. Tonight me and my man decided to skip the buffet and make authentic Asian foods at home! Can’t say it’s as easy as having someone else make it, but I can say I feel better about eating it! #beginnerfitness #nutrition #coach #wei#weightloss #betterchoices #healthyfood #homemade #basmatirice #generaltsochicken #yummy #dinner #betterthantakeout #girlboss #weightloss #sundaydinner #encourager
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It’s been a long weekend. #life For real easy button today! Still delicious and still on track • • • Rotisserie chicken + baked sweet potato + broccoli • • • As always, KEEP IT SIMPLE 👌🏻What are YOUR favorite #easymeals!? Share with me in the comments!
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Sundays are for organizing 😊😊😊 . One of the best parts of running a home business is getting to purchase office supplies..#officesupplyaddict . I LOVE being able to work on my own time and do exactly what I want when I want. When I need time for #sel#selfcare I take it. When I just want to not worry about anything, I don’t have a boss telling me I can’t go home. . I’m my own boss and you can be too! Message me for more details when you’re tired of depending on the 9-5 work week! . #encourager #weightloss #girlboss #organization #whiteboard #officesupplies #officesuppliesmakemehappy #officesupplyaddict #homebusiness #beginnerfitness #selfcare #createyourownhours #joinme #sundayfunday #sundaysarefororganizing #prepwork #homegym #journey #sidehustle #breakthecycle #9to5 #beginnerbusiness #entrepreneur #confidence #coach #dryeraseboard #dryerasemarkers
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HI HAPPY TEARS (again) • • • I’m sooooo proud of myself. These three weeks have kicked by butt like nothing I’ve ever done before. I achieved my goals, and by that I mean I BUSTED my goals. I truly did not think I would make it through the entire three weeks • • • IM SO PROUD. IM SO HAPPY. Thank you to my bestie @fit_balanced_teach for motivating me and pushing me and encouraging me to keep going when I wanted to quit. I feel so happy and blessed to be in this group and can’t wait to see what comes next for me
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