Wadi Rum desert Pure bliss to be on a safari in this nature reserve #worldwonders #wadirum #jordan #capturethewild #desertlife #instascape #timelapse #bedouinlife #bedouincamp
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Hiking to the mountains of Southern Jordan 🇯🇴❤️ for thousands of years, Petra “the red rose city” is one of the marvels of ancient civilisation and one of the seven wonders of the world. No matter how many times you see this photograph on social media or anywhere else, it will never come close to capturing the feeling you feel when you see this place for the first time. The sense of awe and excitement at what we were capable of doing centuries ago is what I felt when I first read about this place in textbooks. Walking around the corner of the Siq to see the Treasury as the sun set is a memory that will stick with me for life!! 🙌 Who else wishes they could time travel back to 300 BC when this was the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom? This place is pure magic ✨ . . . . . . . #traveltojordan #petra
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