What is motivating you to work towards your goals and make this week a great week? For me, it was getting together with some beautiful women to fellowship, eat snacks, and chat about safer beauty. The few hours I spent with them reminded me how thankful I am to be apart of so many things that bring me life! #beautyonamission #mondaymotivation #crushyourgoals #knowledgeispower #cleanliving #motherhood #boymom #naturalliving #knowbetterdobetter #fellowship #bossbabe
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LEGACY ✨ . Forever grateful for this man and the life we’re building. After our first child was born, we really started diving into what legacy means to our family. For us, a life to be proud of consists of helping and loving others well. 💙 . We’ve been served humble pie again and again. We’re far from perfect and taking care of people well is hard. It is easy to focus on our inadequacies vs our strengths at times. . At the heart of it all, isn’t life all about love? The love we give and the love we receive is our everlasting treasure. 💛💜💗💙 . “Three things will last forever; faith, hope, and love- and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13 🙌🏼 . I’ve started some new endeavors this month and it feels so good to be linking arms with others. My family has seen me light up with a renewed passion. It makes my heart soar to be sharing #beautycounter’s mission (safer products for all) and helping others. I’d be honored to have you join us or be your BC product guru. Onward, . Robyn💚 . . . #Legacy #MilitaryFamily #MyLove #LeadWithHeart #FaithHopeLove #SaferBeauty #GirlWashYourFace #BeautyOnAMission
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☀️ Perfect Timing!!! Now through March 28th get a FREE 3oz Sunscreen Spray with a purchase of $125!! 😍☀️
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Arizona bound 🌵☀️✈️ and of course I always travel with my own sunscreen! ☀️ —— Beautycounter’s Protect All Over Sunscreen lotion, mist + body stick are staples in our home 🏠 —— Free of harmful chemicals and ingredients like Oxybenzone * a known carcinogen and estrogen mimicker 😷, fragrance, PEGs and more! 🙏🏻 —— Products made to PROTECT us shouldn’t HURT us!! 👎🏻 And for a limited time you can snag a FREE travel sized mist when you spend $125 👯‍♀️ #linkinbio ☀️ —— Beautycounter sun protection products are safe AND effective using non-nano minerals like zinc oxide + aloe, green tea leaf and beeswax 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 —— #DYK many sunscreens on the market are also killing our coral reefs?! 😥🌊🐠 Some states are even working to ban chemical sunscreens as 4,000-6,000 tons of sunscreen enters our reefs each year 😭 —— Mineral based sunscreens are better for you 💁🏼‍♀️, your babies 👶🏼👧🏼👦🏼 and our environment 🌎❤️ . #knowbetterdobetter #bea#beautyonamission #switchtosafer #cle#cleanbeautyboss #readthoselabels #cleanbeauty #peopleplanetprofit #knowledgeispower #motivationmonday #girlboss #beauty #natural #cleanliving #motherhood #beautycounter #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising
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"Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. The greatest challenge of the next 50 years, I believe, will be to create dignified work for everyone... not through handouts and charity, but through market forces." (@leilajanah) - The is exactly the ethos our brand is built on. The goal of the AMAZI Academy is to begin to address the lack of opportunity that has set the starting point for so many women so far back that they do not have the ability to be competitive in the formal economy. - Over the last few months, we have seen the transformation that occurs when great talent is nurtured. Our purpose is indeed being affirmed. #PaintPurposeAndHeart #BeautyOnAMission #ADifferentKindOfBeauty #TheAMAZIExperience
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When the Sunday scaries aren’t so scary 🥰
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We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced, we even did @beautycounter charcoal facial masks together! God knew we needed each other and this special time away. #titus2
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I can’t say enough about this beautiful lady!!!🤗 @jeehasanders congratulations on launching your @beautycounter business with two super successful events this weekend. I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to witness all of the amazing things in store for you! I know this is only the beginning!!! #CounterExcellence #WinnersCircle #BeautyonaMission #LetsGo @better_beauty_4all
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