Leo adores his many beautiful aunties!
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This afternoon I visited Fort Vancouver Post Acute! Where I was informed that I missed flag day and the fourth, but, we can always paint our flag and be proud of where we live! #BeautifulThings #GoldenAgers #AmericanFlag #MySmallBusiness #GodsPlan #HeIsSoGood
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Parenting-style reality check. You find a broken toy: A. You say, "Eh, it probably came from the Dollar Store." & chuck it. B. You get frustrated, maybe even yell, & march straight to the kid you "assume" committed the crime & make them do the time. C. Use it as a great teaching to the ❤ opportunity. I would normally fluctuate between A & B, but deep down (with more time & patience) know I should be practicing C. Recentally taking the huge leap of faith that now is the right time to finally launch the parental coaching business my husband & friends have been encouraging me to for years, it dawned on me.. I need to practice even more what I will be preaching. This broken toy was the opportunity for an amazing life-skills lesson for my kids. It taught a great lesson for my one who will accidentally (or even intentionally) break things & not tell me, & even for my tattle-teller. I paused, hit the rewind button & used it as a great opportunity for role play, practicing with them how to do the right thing, teaching to their heart. Yes, it took a lot more patience & time than simply throwing it away, but I hope my kiddos walked away with the confidence to admit, & approach someone, if/when something of theirs is accidentally broken by one of my children - now, or as young adults. Don't you wish the person who wrecked or door dinged your car in the parking lot would have the same honor & humility to go back into the store, find you, admitting to something they accidently did and ask what they could do to make it better? Grace is a beautiful thing. We should allow us, and our children, to experience the same Grace that God showers us with. #lifeonsereneave . . . #par#parenting #parenting #parenting101 #motherhood #gra#grace #love #teachtotheheart #lifeskills #humility #humble #kids #loveandlogic #lifecoach #parentcoach #grace #beautifulthings #moms #godsgrace #forgiveness #dotherighthing #ifonly #teachablemoment #graceupongrace #motivational #inspire
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This Summer is the perfect time to find your dream home 🌞
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