A truly magnificent masterpiece, the Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) ⛪️ . I felt so tiny (of course literally I am in comparison) because this massive historical and gothic architecture gives off a dominant vibe which looms over the city of Köln and its inhabitants. Had a bit of a Gotham vibe too haha 🦇 . Some #funfacts: 1. It took over 600 years to fully finish the cathedral—the first stone was laid in 1248! . 2. The cathedral isn’t actually black/gray in colour, nor is it such because of dirt. The sandstone which makes up most of the building’s exterior reacts with the sulphuric acid in rain over the years and turns gray. (If you look closely, the newer/repaired parts of the building are lighter than the rest) . 3. The cathedral houses the world’s largest swinging church bell, the St. Peter’s 🔔
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No filter needed: Tequisquiapan is a charming town in central Mexico known for its mineral spas and well-preserved Spanish colonial buildings. Definitely worth a visit! #mexico #tequisquiapan #queretaro #exploremexico #beautifulbuildings #peublomagico #colourfull
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As a girl, I read The Wizard of Oz dozens of times. The feeling of being lost in a world wherein she didn’t quit fit made me feel at home. I have spots lifetime looking for my Emerald City, only to realize late in my life that there truly is no place like home. Looking up at the stunning dome of the #ColumbusTx courthouse with my girl, I was once again transported to my days with Dorothy. And I didn’t need a field of poppies to dream in green. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 #ad #txfamilytravel #visitcolumbustx #tex#tex#texastravel🚗 #texastraveltalk #texastravel #familytravel #childhooddreams #books #wizardofoz #beingmyself #lovingmyself #personalgrowth #texashistoricalbuilding #beautifulbuildings
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so much to love here, but that mini window with its mini shutters and mini window box just kills me
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All are welcome to our Easter Night Vigil, tonight at 8:30 in The Chapel of Mary // #TheGrottoPDX
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Away for the weekend in the goldfields yay! So.much.antique. A full day of shopping yesterday and a full day today! And I have taken so many photos I’m either gunna have to start a blog or revive my Flickr...
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