Did you know that exfoliation is key to getting the most out of your skincare or self-tanning products? Layers of oil and dirt on your skin can inhibit products from sinking into the skin well, making them less effective. Exfoliation prevents these layers from building up over time. Click the link in our bio to shop our Deep Exfoliating Mitt and Rice Milk Face Exfoliator today ✨ . . . . #exfoliation #ski#skincaretips #skincareroutine #kbeauty #exfoliate #bblogger #beach #beachbody #beauty #beautyblog #bikinicompetitor #bodybuilder #dermasuri #fit #fitness #fitnessmodel #instabeauty #makeup #makeupartist #model #mua #skincare #spa #spraytan #styleblogger #summer #tan #tanning
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couldn’t pick one so here’s another 😇
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My response when it comes to treats for the next 2 weeks: why the heck not, it’s Christmas! My response in January: Why do I feel so bloated and crappy?! Sound like the same old story we all tell ourselves? Yeah, haha I know!!! So this year, instead of stuffing ourselves full of sugary treats, why not find a happy balance? Try bringing some of these along instead to social events or even adding them to your meal prep now to cut cravings: . ❣️1oz mixed nuts (throw in 3-4 M&M’s to satisfy your chocolate craving) ❣️Bell Peppers with homemade guacamole (so high in vitamins!) ❣️Greek yogurt with mixed berries (or add some spices and use it as a healthy dip for your broccoli) ❣️Apple slices with nut or seed butters ❣️Cottage cheese with flax seed and cinnamon ❣️Celery sticks with nut butters or cream cheese ❣️1oz almonds and a piece of dark chocolate ❣️Carrots and cucumbers with Hummus ❣️Cherry tomatoes with basil and mozzarella ❣️Chia seed pudding (throw berries on to make it even better) ❣️Hard boiled eggs ❣️Protein shake with spinach and berries (hide those extra veggies in there!) ❣️Edamame ❣️Apples with cottage or ricotta cheese (add cinnamon and vanilla extract for more flavour) ❣️Crackers with cheese and grapes All it takes is a bit of creativity but it IS possible to still get healthy snacks in around the holidays and leave those extra calories for our family dinners
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Week 6 Day 1 Chest & Triceps #liift4 #over40andfabulous #beachbody #shakeology I’m feeling it today
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