Join us Sunday, July 1st for UNI DAY with Stephanie Mutz and Harry Liquornik of @SeaStephanieFish . Bocadillo de Erizos ~Slim pressed sandwich with fresh Uni, miso butter and pickled Mustard seeds . Uni Scrambled Eggs with fresh herbs and uni butter, on Pain de Mie . Eggs Benedict served with a Uni Hollandaise, Prosciutto and house-made Sriracha . Uni Avocado toast Tartine . Or add some uni to your favorite dish! #bobswellbread #losalamos #uniday #seaurchin
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My little cousin told me that I need to take more photos with food. So of course now whenever we go out Zac takes some *great* photos of me eating haha 🙃
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Another bravo to @urbanrootsfarm! And if you want to come to something as Instagram-worthy, our event venue, @tuscanhill has their first Pop Up Dinner Experience next Thursday, 6/28. Think seven courses, straight out of a @foodandwine magazine 😍 tickets available with link in bio!
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Here’s a story: I used to make a lot of almond milk. I used an @ell@ell@elliesbest bag to strain it. My @elliesbest bag got lost in my move to Boston. Fast forward ⏩ @elliesbest reaches out, mails me a new one, I make ALL THE ALMOND MILK AGAIN. 🥛🥛🥛 They also gave me a discount code (englishchannel at checkout), because they’re rad like that 🤘🏼 happy milking!!!
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These Snickerdoodle Donuts NEED to happen this weekend! Hot from the oven, they just scream “Rise and Shine”! [Find the recipe for Snickerdoodle Donuts on] #donuts #weekends #saturdaybrunch #donutlove
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@bandora_cuisine killed it with her food at the opening party at the Palest’In & Out festival in Paris last night! The festival is a cultural event showcasing all things Palestinian: food, music, art, etc. Photo 1: halloumi with strawberries; Photo 2: village salad; Photos 3-5: fettet hummus; Photo 6: the incredible msakhan. So so good 😋
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