PERFECT SOCCER WEATHER!! #supergirls #girlaliciousness #ballergirls
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Posted @withrepost@micah_lancaster It is more of a rarity for female basketball players to dunk the basketball in the game. As a result, many girls often train in ways that don’t ask their bodies to use full force. - They aren’t asked to be explosive and their bodies aren’t always challenged. That’s why we like to occasionally put our girls in a position to explore their athleticism, tap into their explosiveness, and have fun dunking the basketball. - And as our message has continually been, training for basketball doesn’t necessarily mean training for the game. Training for basketball can also be training for the characteristics within the game. And those characteristics are often the hidden skills and abilities, that make all the difference. - In this case, training only what we see as realistic and game situational would interfere with these girls tapping into greater aspects of their athletic ability. - While these girls went after it. @caravankempen @sadiemay.2 @sophiawiard_2 @mertzieklein I have a broader question for everyone. Are you having enough fun with this process??? #wnba #girlgotgame #ballergirls #wnbl
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Super proud of my softball player last night. She had 3 big hits and made the final out to win the game! #proudmom #sof#softball/a> #mygirlshavetalent #beastmode #softball #softballgirls #lovemygirls #hillbrook #hillbrooksoftball #allthefun #ballergirls
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Just received this 😍😍,ignore my weak weak moves biko🙏#Late post #mygirls gatmoves #ballergirls 🎥🎞[email protected]
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