Got out for a short evening ride tonight with my husband. I’m sure he was itching to go faster, but he stuck with me 🤷‍♀️ . Today was not my usual meal prep day as I’m off work tomorrow 🤗 So tomorrow I’ll plan and prep! What are you making this week since I haven’t planned yet?! Let me know!! 👇🏼
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Have too much fun this weekend?⁣ ⁣ 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ Rather than dwelling on the unhealthy decisions you might have made (unproductive), channel that energy toward planning a healthy, hydrated, restful week (productive) ✅⁣ ⁣ Often we over-correct too much and that causes the pendulum to keep swinging back and forth — so just get right back on an 80/20 mindset and you’ll be golden 👌⁣ ⁣ #hellostrength #healthylifestyle #bal#balanceestyle #weekend #fun #fit#fitstyle #fittip #8020lifestyle #8020rule #balance #fit #fitness
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Well, the day as passed, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t gain 20 pounds from skipping a workout. For so many years I lived with a mindset that unless I worked out, I would obsess about my body instantly gaining weight over night. Sounds a bit dramatic but the reality is, for many women (and men) we all know it’s very common. ⠀ I’m very familiar with that stress, that anxiety, that fear and how controlling and consuming it can still be for many. I haven’t fully recovered and some days it easy to fall back into that mindset and let those lies have power. But days like this, where I can spend time with my family, feel productive, find fulfillment in accomplishments outside of burning calories, remind me how liberating it is to feel free from that prison. ⠀ So if today you’re feeling anxious about not working out, I hope you can consider an alternative perspective from a recovering body obsesser. Whatever activities took your workout’s place, losing the weight of guilt is by far more powerful and empowering than burning 300 calories. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Activewear from @embrace_everybody_
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Balance. . What does balance look like to you? . Saw these rocks on my hike today and it got me thinking about balance. It’s okay to be okay as much as it is okay to not be okay. Life is fluid and moving with each day bringing its own challenges and adventures. To me it’s all about the choices I make and how I decide to live. I find my own balance in this life day by day, moment by moment.
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Just sit with it ✨ ... It’s so easy to want to move past the discomfort. To not acknowledge what’s going on inside but it’s exactly that acknowledgement that breaks us free from what’s holding us back. ... I’m not always good at feeling my feelings. Anyone else feel me on that 🙋🏼‍♀️ I want to be strong, be productive, put on a smile, inspire and encourage those around me and sometimes my feelings don’t align with those desires. But I’m learning that these sad or darker feelings need their space too. They can shine light in a way that other emotions can’t. They can uncover deeper hurts and allow for more freedom when moved through productively. ... I don’t enjoy sitting with the emotions of worthlessness. Of never feeling good enough. Of not being sure how to become who I ultimately wanted to be. But I continued to sit. I continued to listen and I continued to learn. ... “Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it. Even though you want to run. Even though it’s heavy and difficult. Even though you’re not quite sure of the way though. Healing happens by feeling.” @drrebeccaray ... These feelings don’t have to keep you from moving forward babe. You can feel them, survive them, grow stronger though them and shine. If you want a FREE consultation on how to get started and how to live a life that’s #worthmore DM me right meow 💛
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|ABS|⁠ •⁠ AB-ATTACK ⁠ •⁠ Using my @terracorefitness and trx straps, give this ab circuit a go! Let me know❤️⁠ •⁠ 3-5 rounds:⁠ •⁠ BEGINNER: 30 secs work/30 sec rest⁠ •⁠ INTERMEDIATE: 30 secs work/15 sec rest⁠ •⁠ ADVANCED: 30 secs work/10 sec rest⁠ •⁠ #fit#fitmom #fitmoms #fitmomsofig #fitmomstrongmom #fitmusclemom #boymom #boymomlife #904 #904jax #904fitness #personaltrainer #fit#fitnessner #circuit #abcircuit #abs #homeworkout #athomeworkout #balancedlifestyle #korafitness #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitnessgirl #fit #fitgirl #fitgirls⁠ #terracorefitness #trx #trxstraps #trxworkout #trxabs⁠
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