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The drip cake in all her glory 😍 #BellasDripcakes #bakesbybella #bellasthemedcakes . . Disclaimer: our normal cakes served at the café or on usual orders do NOT contain alcohol. We only add liquor to our cakes on custom orders. We do not sell liquor and the alcohol bottle on display was provided by the client!
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How about a warm brownie bomb which explodes with chocolate and vanilla ice cream? . This is another classic by @bakesbybella. . The Brownie mound is placed over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Therefote, to gain access to this, you must break through the chocolate Wall. The age old combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream never gets tiring and this is a fun way of experiencing this combo. . You can get it with or without strawberries. 650 LKR . . . . . #col#colomboHustle #BakesByBella #Brownies #BrownieBomb #Dessert #Cravings #Chocolate #foodporn #foodgram #foodbloggers #foodforthought #instafood #foo#foodgasm #foodie #foodgasm #guiltypleasures #chocoholic #instafollow #foodography #instagood #rainyweather #cafeculture #whattoeatincmb #colombo
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My hands have never been pretty. My left little finger has a permanent callous on it from holding the turn tables for hours and it’s also broken after I dropped A heavy ‘straight out of the oven’ tray on it. As much as I’d love them to be well manicured, I don’t have the time for it and manicured nails are a complete waste on me, cos they’ll be broken in a day anyway! . . Now they’re showing their years, with more wrinkles. They’re getting old and starting to age . . But I’m proud of them. These are working hands. They’ve been through a lot. They’ve been bruised, burnt, cut, splintered and bled.. They make things happen and they get stuff done ❤️ . . So it’s ok that they’ve aged. They are 31 years old after all. I wear my years of experience with quite abit of pride. Be proud of your hard working hands 💋 . . What’s the story behind your hard working hands? #myhandstory #bakesbybella #goodvibesonly
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