My yelp review of some culty Church. #yelp #yelpreview #badreview #church #god #satan #watermarkchurch
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🤷 That one tear at the end 😂😢🤢 Go watch my new live review of 23rd Peak Dispensary in OKC. This is me trying their dabs for the first time. If you want to see me try their Cannabis Dan cartridge for the first time click on my Live & story. 🤷👎 #Lies #PlasticDabs #BooBooBud #BadReview #LowCartLevels #RealReview #Rev#Reviewa> #Reviews #Review #Oklahomadispensary
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This bridge sucks. I tried to jump off it and didn’t die so I gave it a hella bad yelp review. Shoulda known it wasn’t high enough but it’s too late now. #yelp #badreview #review #bridge #goatmansbridge #oldaltonbridge
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We've never written bad review but this is an exception. We went here for lunch. @chickabiddyatl It was an awful experience, unlike the last time we went. We were seated and we watched as a couple receive their food before us, even though they were seated 10 mins after us. We continued to wait 45 mins for our food to come, but without utensils. So we have to wait 10 more minutes for another server to get "our server." On top of that, we have to send a dish back bc it was noticably sour to the taste, as if it had gone bad. My friend didn't want us to wait another 45 mins for her food to be remade so she just canceled her order. I feel awful because I had hyped up this place and she didn't even get to eat, so I shared my own plate. It was, overall, a shockingly poor experience.
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Commas and punctuation are overrated anyway. Plus who you gonna believe in an honest review - South London Reviews or Tomahawk Tiger meets MC Tiger? I can confirm I was there when ‘old bald head’ said mate can you stop your shit wannabe MC’ing and get your ID out I’ve asked you three times, I’ve also told you it’s no caps, trainers, sportswear, labels are ok but no crazy Moschino as this isn’t ‘96...but he said hang on let me finish talking and here we are still queuing up. It’s been three weeks and I’m still outside of Bridge Bar... #review
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Saat kita sudah menikah Yang kita idam idamkan dalam pernikahan bukanlah harta, tahta, dan kedudukan melainkan kehadiran sang buah hati. Percuma kita punya harta, tahta, dan kedudukan yang sangat tinggi akan tetapi kita masih belum punya keturunan yang murni kita lahirkan melalui rahim kita sendiri. Hidup kita tidaklah berarti tanpa kehadiran sang buah hati.. Hidup kita terasa sepi tanpa kehadiran sang buah hati.. Masihkah anda menunggu sementara usia kita semakin hari bertambah dan pastinya kesuburan Anda semakin menurun...? Ingat Tuhan tidak akan merubah nasib nya kecuali hamba-nya yang merubah nya. - Jangan lupa follow IG kami - untuk dapat info medis dan jika ada pertanyaan seputar kehamilan silahkan ajukan via DM free (privasi terjaga) atau ️✔ contact person : 📲 WA : 082233726598 - Tekan ♥, dan mention teman kamu untuk saling berbagi tentang info kesehatan!! #sriwijaya #pesawat #delay #badreview #review #indonesia #pesawatindonesia #sriwijayaair #customer #kecewa #cancelflight #pembatanapenerbangan #PELAYANANBURUK #delaypesawat #pesawatcancel #sriwijayaairburuk #adisucipto #bandara #plane #dishub #pesawatterbang #bandarajogja #jogkararta #pelanggan #terlambat
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So I won two palettes and a highlighter from @motivatetheearth a few days ago. Today the package arrived. This is a swatch test from the @makeup_slayve Autumn Equinox palette... I am so disappointed with this palette! First, the packaging felt really cheap, very plastic-like. Second, you can see from the swatches how some of the pigment is deposited and doesn’t really blend out… There isn’t much fallout, and it is super creamy, but these colors do NOT blend, AT ALL! They work even worse with a primer and I have never seen that before! I hate to give bad reviews, especially to an indie company, but as much as I tried, I could not make this palette work for my eyes and my skin. It may be my technique, it may be my skin, my primer, I am not sure…but I would not pay for this. I will make it a point to buy a few of their other products and give them a try as well in the near furture! Hopefully some of the other products will work better for me! . . . #review #mak#makeupew #makeup #honestreview #makeupslayve #indiecosmetics #indiebrand #badreview #eyeshadow #fall #swatches #eyeshadowswatches #iwantedtolikethis #sorry #maybeitsme
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