Where ever I go the black cloud follows me #thec10garage #blackcloud #badluck
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Update: Good news: no major fracture or big muscle tear, hallelujah 🙇‍♂️🙌 . Bad news: no info on what I fucked up in my leg. Hurts like hell, but only in very specific things like a certain part of a stride. On the other hand the doctor twisted and turned, manipulated and poked my leg, but couldn't create anything that even resembles the pain shooting in my leg when I try to take a step. X-ray apparently comes into the picture if this doesn't get any better in a few days. . This has a very similar feel to the kind of injury I had when I had torn a knee tendon(or smth) in my right leg. Trying my best to manage with what I've been handed, a kind person let me rent their crutches even though my cards didn't work for the deposit, so I can actually somewhat walk my dogs. Even though it's kind chaotic and stressful 😐 . Seems like I've become a temporary citizen of Myre, at least for a couple days, then I'll see more clearly about what direction this is going in. Who knows what will happen... . #pityparty #cursed #badluck #faithinhumanityrestored #crutches #rvlife #nomadlife #nomadic #travel #traveller #travelblog
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•PECH• Dat het geluk niet overal te vinden is, is de afgelopen periode wel gebleken.. 26 mei had ik een positieve test in handen, helemaal in de wolken natuurlijk! Helaas maar van korte duur, zelfs nog 2 weken voor de eerste afspraak bij de verloskundige, ging het alweer mis.. Uiteindelijk besloten om bij de huisarts aan de bel te trekken, en te vragen voor een doorverwijzing. Volgende week moet ik naar de gynaecoloog, voor de nodige onderzoeken. Want zeg nou zelf, 4 miskramen in nog geen jaar, dat is toch niet meer zomaar vette pech..🙄 #badluck #angel #4babiesinheaven #toobeautifulforearth #frustrerend #miscarriage
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Early Morning Jam! Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes Bad Luck this song has put a smile on my face dancing down the hall! HAPPY MONDAY!! #haroldmelvinandthebluenotes #teddypendergrass #badluck #70s
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Lunes con toda la actitud a trabajar, lte asomas a ver tu carro PTM empezamos mal #badluck
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