. Happy birthday to My First Real Friend My best my dear my soulmate , I’m such a lucky for having the bestest best friends ever ... I trust you the way I trust no one else and no Time or distance could ruin the bond that we have, it’s been almost 6 years when we first met, So many jokes, tears, memories and laughter, fights and dreams, we've come a long way and have much farther to go. I'm just glad I’ll have you with me the whole way , you know like There are friends, and there are people who make an imprint in your life , yeah just like you!! thank you for changing me in a good way, thank you for being my Precious friend, May your life be filled with Love, happiness and Blessings bc you deserve all the best, i Love you so sso much #HappySheikhaDay
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. .​ ​ ​ طلع لنا قصة حب جديدة "مروة وكريم"🙄!!​ ​ وايمره وبيلين في شي حصل بينهم ​ متحمسه لقصتهم🤩💖💖​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​#جرائم_صغيرة #ufaktefekcinayetler #ufakt_tefek_cinayetler #gokcebahadir #mertfirat #gökçebahadır #aslihangurbuz #badeiscil #tulinozen
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