My little herd. Every one of these beautiful mares has a story. Every one of them is here with me because I wasn’t willing to give up. They are my daily reminder that I can do hard things 💕 #herdlife #dressagelife #Horsesathome #connemara #aqha #apha #theponyclubway #hor#horsesebackyard #backyarddressage #horses #equestrian #horsephotography #naturephotography
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Nice ride on my handsome boy with a freshly roached mane. I love the beautiful weather this week! #horsebackriding #backyarddressage #ilovemyhorse
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The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stella) Method: Some of you know (but maybe many of you don't) that I've really been struggling with my riding for the past couple of years. Having come from a competitive background, used to weekly lessons and monthly clinics and horse shows all summer, moving my horses home and becoming pretty much entirely responsible for my own progression was... well... hard. Without constant input from my coach and my peers, my riding kind of fell apart. I lost confidence in my own ability to train Stella, and sometimes just tacking up and getting on was more than I could muster. I went down more than a couple rabbit holes. I searched for a "method" to follow, and (for better or worse), found a few. I tried to mold my riding to fit whatever method I was following at the moment. I was going nowhere. No, worse - I was going backwards. A couple of weeks ago, something happened that seems to have changed everything for me. Someone reminded me that I'm the very best person to be training Stella. This was something I'd questioned/forgotten over the past couple of years. She reminded me that I already know how to do this, I just needed to get back to the basics. To remember the fundamentals. To keep it simple. Sometimes we get so caught up in what everyone else is doing that we forget to follow our own path. We forget to do the things that we know need to be done. The things that have always worked. The things we know in our hearts to be correct and true. So I'm here now to do for you what that person did for me two weeks ago. I'm here to remind you that you are the very best person to be working with your horse. I'm here to tell you that if you remember the fundamental laws of horsemanship and riding, if you follow a logical and sensible path toward the correct gymnastic development of your horse, and if you always keep your horse's best interests top of mind, you will get there. It will take time, effort and consistency, but you will get there. You got this. I promise. Just keep it simple xo #howihorse #dressagelife #backyarddressage #horse #equestrian #equestrianmovement #connemara #sportpony #dressagepony #greymare
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Sweet Stella tacked up and patiently waiting up at the barn while I literally dismantle part of a fence line two paddocks away to make a bigger riding ring. Love my super-cool pony ❤️ #backyarddressage #dressagelife #howihorse #connemara #sportpony
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Brian got some photos of me playing with Cody is his paddock. Brian is trying to remove rocks and stumps to make it flatter for us. Good pony! #horsebackriding #backyarddressage #iwantaridingring
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Because my dressage instructor and I are fond of a particular author on dressage riding, Sally Swift, we share common images. One of Swift’s illustration is an image from sculptor Cyrus Dallin’s 1909 bronze, “Appeal to the Great Spirit” which seems to be a modest entry into the heroic early 20th century modern age. And so, while riding in endless circles, she reminds me: “ze Indian! Remember ze Indian!” Heart open. Shoulders wide and balanced. I confess I fear I look rather more like JC Leyendeckers exhausted and less than heroic Indian done in 1918. #dailydrawings #jcleyendecker #cyrusdallin #backyarddressage #sallyswift #steallikeanartist
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Hank is such a trusty sidekick. Always at Berts side when I’m tacking him up #cookiemonster #givemeallthetreats #berticus #hankthetank #dressagehorse #backyarddressage
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