Honeydew and black beans on toast... washed it all down with a bottle 😉 had to help her with the black beans. I'll be getting her utensils to practice with soon #whatsforbreakfast #babyledweaning #babyselffeeding #babysfirstfoods #blackbeans #toast #honeydew #melon #fedisbest
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"These are becoming well-travelled bath toys. Taking his @marcusnmarcus_my bath toys everywhere he goes." Awww, thanks for the love! Happy to see these toys aren't only used in the bath and also swimming pool! Thanks for sharing, @mam@mamawanlin . . Photo from @mamawanlin . #marcusandmarcus #marcusnmarcusmy #feedingessential #funatmealtime #awardwiningbabyproduct #babyproductmalaysia #trainingcup #toddlersfoodie #enchantedchildhood #letthemexplore #littleones #mommyandme #blw #blwideas #babyselffeeding #babyfoodie #mothercaremalaysia #fdaapproved
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Carrot and coriander soup for my little poorly girl, she’s woke up with a snotty nose, at 2:30 this morning she woke up really upset, I think her nose must of been blocked so she panicked, so she had some calpol and she fed and cuddled up to mama for the rest of the night (not like this is different to any other night 😂) I am enjoying the cuddles 💖 . . . . . . . #babyledweaning #blw #babyledfeeding #babyledsolids #babyselffeeding #babygirl #poorly #instafood #foodie
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🤔”I only give my child food I know she’ll eat. How do I get her to eat more variety?” ————————————————————————🍏I made a very common feeding mistake with E recently, one that pretty much any parent makes with their children. Despite liking apple the first couple of times I gave them to her, E stopped touching them. So I stopped giving to her. Why waste food that I know she won’t eat? ————————————————————————🍏Many parents do this over and over with foods, no matter the age. A kid rejects a food, so their parent stops serving them that food. And this often happens with multiple foods (especially during the picky toddler and preschooler years) until she only eats chicken nuggets and buttered noodles. However, a kid’s tastes and food preferences can change a ton as time passes, so never assume that a food a kid hated at one time, will be hated a few weeks later. ————————————————————————🍏So what should you do if your child rejects a food? Continue offering it, whether it’s putting a few pieces on baby’s high chair tray, or offering it as an option during a family-style dinner. Don’t force them to try the food; let them touch, sniff, taste at their own speed. With a baby, it may just take a few offerings for them to try. With an older child, it may take a year. But, continued exposure to rejected food is known way to increase food preferences. One note: it is important to offer a rejected food with a food you know your child likes. ————————————————————————🍏This morning, after going through two servings of liked foods, E started slowly picking up shredded apple and smelling it. Before I knew it, she was shoving fistfuls into her mouth. I guess we know have a major apple lover on our hands!
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Because the 7 month old needs to eat 🤪 #babyledweaning #babyselffeeding @feedinglittles
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You win some, you lose some 🤷🏻‍♀️. I try not to let E not really eating a meal bother me. I’m trusting that she knows how much to eat, following the division of responsibility: I provide the food, and she decides how much to eat. On to the next meal!
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