Pre milovníčky neutrálnych farieb ❤️ Bledosivá letná deka a čiapočka pre novorodeniatko z kolekcie Miss. 🥰 ➡️⬅️
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Making furrriends at the beach. 🌊🐶 *werbung/ad* with our universal weapon from @cos@cosylittlebaby, the Arizona swaddle. This is the perfect beach item with a baby to use as blanket, towel and to provide shade. 👌🏽 @cosylittlebaby was founded by a friend of mine. She put all her heart in these beautiful swaddles so check out her page! And remember, if you support small business, you support a dream! 💫 #travelwithkids #familytravel #swaddle #printedswaddle #babyblanket #cosylittlebaby #spucktuch #babydecke
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