Tonight..... was “daddy josh’s” night. Both kiddos just needed to be permanently attached to him all night. Jealous? A little.... but nice to have a little time to myself too 😋 #babybrooks #adoption #ohmyheart #gaydads #dad #daddytolittlegirls #daddyjosh #modernfamily #twodads
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Bump Alert: 30 weeks! Can’t believe I only have 10 weeks left! #hallelujah #10moreweeks #almosthere #babybrooks
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{Star makes the most stupidest decision of her life and puts her baby daddy in a dangerous situation when he tries to change her mind and protect Davis} - - {YES I UNDERSTAND STAR HAS POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION BUT THAT DOESN’T EXCUSE IT}
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{Aftermath of Davis & Brooks Family Fight}
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{Star and Noah’s Mom fight each other}
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{Noah Comes Home From Sober Living}
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{I’m still very disappointed about last night, I don’t even know how to feel about Stoah at this point} - - {Star finds out Noah is in sober living.}
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