Archer’s card for Daddy 💙 #ArchieBob #ArcherRobert #babybeast
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#babybeast was drawing me pictures on his iPad app 💙
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The mod that came with my tank was driving me insane, so check out my new mod from Voopoo😂 . . . . #mod #vape #girlswhovape #voopoo #smok #drag #babybeast #darthvader #cometothedarkside
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"I ain't got time for bitches Gotta keep my mind on my motherfuckin' riches Even when I die, they won't worry me Mama don't cry, bury me a G" - 2Pac #guerilla #thedon #babybeast #saucegod 🦍🖤🦍🖤🦍
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Happy happy birthday to my God child @canolighttunnels!! you’re the light to my eyes!! These 5 years together have been incredible! You’re my favorite story to tell! The story of a sweet little girl who would come into the dojo and sit down to read books. I still remember telling you to put the book down to train with @samurai_167. The way you would get frustrated and cry was priceless. Only because now you’re who makes others cry. Especially love how my boys hate fighting with you. How you manage to be so fierce yet so sweet and gentle is what gets me every time. Always push forward! Always love your hardest! Never quit! You’re a beast in all you do! From education to sports! I love you my genius nerd!!! 🧠📚🤼‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏆🥋🔥👑❤️🇺🇸
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