While my next trip is in less than a month, I'll be sharing some of my favorite moments from places I love! I'd take a pool day every day! Who's in?
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Glad I came here. Thank God for being blessed with everything I have now.
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Dreamy view from above the clouds ⛅️. These days I love to look at calming images 😍, probably because I have too much going on in my head 😬🙃.
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🌷Ұлыс оң болсын, ағайын! Әз Наурыз шаңырақтарыңызға молшылық пен береке әкелсін! Еліміз аман, жұртымыз тыныш болсын деп тілейік 🤗 . . . 🌍 Keukenhof, The Netherlands 📷 @kazakh_traveler
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