Despite the gas tank fiasco I had earlier this week. Everything went together as planned. Fan mod works amazing despite having to order a 3rd fan with the surrounding bracket had to rewire the new tail light in as well which wasn’t planned but I’m glad I did it now. Also went with Auxbeam led headlight bulbs and honestly I think I will forever run these. This is the 2nd order I have had with them, first being in my truck, and I’m extremely satisfied with how well they are assembled, packaged, and even come with product dvds. Yeah they are more expensive than most people wanna pay for bulbs but they speak for themselves. All in all just waiting for wheels to be finished powder coating and my plastics to be finished painting. Getting closer ! #auxbeamlighting #vortex #kapscomoto #suzuki #stretchedgsxr #gsxr #riderich
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The new little truck is coming in handy on all these fishing trips!! Peep the tag gotta rep @rednecknation #for#for#fordranger #ford #ranger #fordranger #rednecknation #auxbeamlighting #camoskins
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