More tea light lanterns on their way. They get glazed on the inside and that is what they are waiting for here. When they are fired, the porcelain will be translucent - perfect for some candle mood lighting. #australianceramics #coolice #flannelflower #votive #studiopottery #poterie #keramika #ceramique #handmadesydney #ceramics #handmadeceramics #australiancraft
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Little tiny bowls for sauces and dipping and other small things. Including the one with the hole that failed when I was turning the foot. I fired it anyway and will stick a mini plant in it or something.
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Honey Bunnies! I’m starting to put together a series of short videos about why people do what they do in the creative space. I thought it was best to start with me and tell you a bit about why I (with the amazing support of one divine @nickgilpin) created Brown’s. I’m going to start sharing little snippet stories of Brown’s makers and creatives through these short vids, hope you enjoy it! (PS- am not loving the way I look or sound in this video, but am trying very hard to get over those crises of confidence and get on with it....) xx
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