In 2009 I had thoughts about intelligence and the way it was going to change the world 🌎 today @artificialintelligence.digest #artificialintelligence has grown to be a mass corporation...I continue to see how much it has progressed still in reader how mode.
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"From greater visibility and control of utilities & assistance with weekly food shops to added security and help with household cleaning chores, AI is making an impact on how we live our lives." #ArtificialIntelligence #proptech #technology #AI #TheFuture
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#nyiax founder Carolina Abenante at CXC 🚀the female power at CXC in this space is exciting!! Get passes now, link in bio!! 🔖
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As discussed previously on #flowofwisdom #radio Ava the Artificial Intelligence GOING LIVE at 3pm! streaming online at #science #artificialintelligence #ava #Repost @futurism with @get_repost ・・・ Siri is just an assistant. AVA's neural network and virtual brainstem make her an AI almost as human as you. Link in bio to watch the full video.
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"Un robot no puede hacer daño a un ser humano ni, por inacción, permitir que un ser humano sufra daño." La que nos lía Diego Armando...
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Here’s to looking back at a great week - and another one before it! Thank you Freddy White & the @ai_@ai_in_medicine team for a great #breakfast meeting at @wellcomecollection with Matthieu Komorowski (@harvard, MIT & @imperialcollege), @hssood Associate Chief #CIO at @nhsenglandldn & @doctorvishal (@royalfreelondonnhs). Great conversation & some challenging questions from #Peptone’s KamilTamiola too - we look forward to seeing & hearing more at the @ai_in_medicine conference at #shoreditchtownhall in Sep! More info: #hea#healthcare #machinelearning #ArtificialIntelligence #medicine #healthcare #digitalhealth #eHealth
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