After @childishgambino’s #ThisIsAmerica video went viral, it was only a matter of time before there was a #ThisIsNigeria response. It is not surprising that lawyer-turned-musician Folarin Falana (better known as @fal@falzthebahdguy) took up the mantle, as he has been known to use his witty lyrics to analyze Nigerian social issues 🙌🏾. • • The video opens with a voiceover of human rights lawyer + activist Femi Falana (Falz’s father) talking about one of Nigeria’s biggest problems: institutionalized corruption. Falz segues to note corruption in Nigeria isn’t just macro/institutional—it is micro/individual: “🎵This is Nigeria/Look how I’m living now. Look how I’m living now/Everybody be criminal🎶.” • • Some of the 🇳🇬 socio-political plagues Falz highlights in the video: Corrupt politicians. Pastors using churches to amass private wealth. The Fulani herdsmen crisis. “Yahoo yahoo” (internet fraud) 💻📲💸. The NEPA (power/electricity) and overall infrastructure problem in the country. Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad aka SARs 👮🏾‍♂️—the brutality of the police group led to an online and offline movement earlier this year (#EndSARs). • • At the end of the video there’s a “Big Sister Naija” check addressed to Bisola. In the same way This is America highlighted the ways #PopCulture distracts Americans from social consciousness; this may allude to the ways pop culture distracts Nigerians from civic engagement. More Nigerians voted in the Big Brother Naija finale in 2017 (over 26 million) than in the previous presidential elections: according to @INECNigeria only 23, 643, 479 Nigerians voted in the 2015 elections. The play on title: “Big Sister Naija” may also have a gendered perspective: a woman has never won #BigBrotherNaija. Many believed Bisola Aiyeola should have won the competition last year, and she remains more popular than the winner. • • One of the most striking + provocative visuals in the video is women in Hijab dancing shaku shaku 🧕🏾🎶. The Chibok and Dapchi girls (and the government’s response) seems to be the reference here. • • • What do you think about the video?! Thank you @falzthebahdguy for starting this conversation 👏🏾✊🏾🇳🇬
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The Regent Honeyeater is a flagship, threatened woodland bird whose conservation will benefit a large suite of other threatened and declining flora and fauna. There have been sightings around #alburywodonga region as well as a great community around #mtpilot to maintain and protect their habitat. #chiltern #regenthoneyeater #regenthoneyeaterproject #environmentalart #rockart #paintedrocks #rockpainting #paintedstones #nativeaustralian #threatened #rareanimals #endangered #australianwildlife
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Amo l'arte che coinvolge sfida anima amplifica i poteri della mia percezione Oggi alle 18 a Torino propongo un breve viaggio nel magnifico mondo di #ale#alejandrootero #car#carloscruzdiez e #jes#jesusrafaelsoto artisti e pionieri dell' #artecinetica Con me super @fra@fractae Ci vediamo da @cre@creativityoggetti What about the power of our perception and how reality changes around us? How can art be a tool that deeply moves our counsciousness? Today I'll perform in #Torino at @creativityoggetti with super @fractae I'll propose short #exploration of the incredible world of #alejandrootero #jesusrafaelsoto and #carloscruzdiez #shape_shift #transformation #artofchange #cinetic #cineticart #opart #artlovers #perception #performance #artforchange #powerofperception #reality #todocambia #artists #pioneers
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To accomplish unity between each other we must encourage better human relationships. Start today by, having more face to face conversations, being more present during your interactions with others, and showing everybody love and respect. ♥️🤝
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I just so happened to be in New York at the same time that The Armoury Show was happening this year. I followed the path to where I could find Lina Iris Viktor’s work. I was a fan recognizing her work in the #kendricklamar video for #theblackpanther movie. I even made a FB post to my friends notifying them of her artistry in the video. It was a great disappointment to learn that Kendrick and the video production team had made use of her artistry without permission. Lina’s work was immediately compelling because #blackwomen have been starved from seeing themselves as golden, intricate, complex beings. Trust-we’ve always known this- but to have visual representations hold us so firmly to our birthright was something to not simply gaze over but to drink in and hold the multitudes Lina offers us in her depiction of our darkness, our light, and our cavernous souls. For the classroom, Lina’s work makes me consider how students can explore their identity and genealogical lineages. How can they better understand their own light and hold what feels dark. Better yet, how can they come to understand that only in the darkness can curiosity, healing, insight and magic be born. Think of seeds. #linairisviktor @thearmoryshow #integratedlearning #artactivism #artsed
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BREYA🙏🏽 PBUH 💙 art#mural#streetart#culture#newarknj#original#painting#painting#artactivism#activism
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Meet ‘Danvos’, freshly painted oil and acrylic on canvas, 18” x 18”. Thanks for letting me paint you again @danvos 😘😘
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