Slovenija desde mi 馃帴 Con la participaci贸n estelar de mi familia querida, la expatriada @cecaurb y con ayuda de @nacekrzisnik en el helic贸ptero miniatura como siempre 鈾ワ笍
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I鈥檝e been struggling with my instagram captions lately, and I鈥檝e come to realize that I struggle to come up with something genuine and real. I鈥檓 not a very public person, and I don鈥檛 like 鈥渁iring鈥 my business on social media - but I鈥檝e realized in the past month that the accounts that I love to follow and feel are most genuine are the ones where I get the good and the bad. The sometimes very funny pictures and captions, and sometimes the very serious posts about real issues that concern all of us. And I want to do better at expressing myself, my son, and our lives. . . . . So, yesterday I had a complete mental breakdown. Over what, you may ask? Because I ran over my vacuum 馃槀馃槀(the vacuum was in my driveway because I was cleaning my car, I don鈥檛 just randomly leave vacuums sitting in my driveway) and while that in itself makes me seem completely mentally insane - it made me stop and assess the situation. Why did I just break down over running over a vacuum?! It鈥檚 pretty hilarious honestly. Who here has run over a vacuum馃槀馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔? So in assessing my situation, I realized that I鈥檓 extremely overwhelmed, and I don鈥檛 express that very well or ask for help very well, from anyone really. But I should, and need to, otherwise I end up going crazy and approach everything as if the world is ending and negatively instead of approaching it in a positive manner. And who wants to live like that really?! Does any of that matter when you are sitting at the top of the Austrian mountains overlooking a sunset in the middle of a cow field?! Heckkkkk no, so let it go馃拋馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 and if you need help, just ask people for it, more people are ready to help than you think 馃槉 . . So, here鈥檚 to all of you who made it all the way through this. 馃 y鈥檃ll the real MVPs. I hope you never run over your favorite household cleaning tool!
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the prettiest balcony
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Rocher du diamant, Martinique [via @commedesmarie]
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