Just a quick appreciation post because I love my boyfriend @dirts_dirt #boyfriend #bestboyfriendever #appreciation #livingourbestlifetogether
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Every morning about 6ish I have a gratitude session and I begin to verbally list the things I’m grateful for. When we’re grateful for things it gives us perspective and helps us to realize what else we can be grateful for. More recently, I’ve been really grateful for my clients and those I GET TO help. . . Thank you all for allowing me to work with you and help you see a better day in your journey. You’re all awesome to be around and I truly appreciate your business. Now let’s keep at it 😎💪🏻 model in video: @therealmarooska #theneighborhoodtrainer #workoutmotivation
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Many thanks to the Kentucky Housing Corporation for its amazing support! The KHC is the state's housing finance agency,​ and it works hard to provide quality affordable housing for Kentucky residents. It has also contributed toward the Merryman emergency shelter, Rapid Rehousing program, Permanent Supportive Housing program, and housing counseling services. We can't thank the KHC enough for helping to Save, Build, and Change Lives​. #ThankYou
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A birthday gift for our legendary 95 year old neighbour, John. When we first moved in, he offered to help with recycling the boxes from our furniture, without really knowing us; even making a few gags along the way! The least we could do. — #art #installationart #canvas #southaustralia #adelaide #positive #positivity #stencil #ironlak #acrylic #gallery #painting #paintings #painter #gift #present #birthday #app#appreciationpost #appreciation #neighbours #joy #instagood #instagoodmyphoto
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❤️🙏 - Just feels right to reflect on a Friday night, and appreciate where I’ve come from. I’m just the kid of some parents who came here from a different country. Found some meaning in expressing myself via bboying and dancing, kept on doing that for a bit. Then, decided to help people, instead of only serving myself. - #GratefulFriday #Appreciation #❤️
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By popular demand (and per my last post), here are the shoes my daughter dubbed the “chicken nuggets” and “burnt chicken nuggets.” Pretty awesome (and accurate), no?
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Children are our greatest teachers! I promise if you look at yourself in the mirror every morning just like this saying what you’re grateful for, it will always be an amazing day!
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