Hike #peru. It’s worth the altitude sickness and experiencing four seasons in one day. It really reminded me of #mountwashington on the #appalachiantrail. It was the best day hike of my life so far
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Snowy forest on the AT2018. - Přechod Appalačské stezky 2018 (3500km) při pokusu zároveň získat tzv. Triple Crown(přechod tří nejdelších treků v USA). Náš kamarád a šéf Petr Kosek má za sebou již Pacific Crest Trail(4200km) a Continental Divide Trail(5000km),plus spoustu kratších treků. Informace o tom jak zvládnout takto extrémní vzdálenosti při denní porci přes 40km najdete na našem webu(link in bio).Tým Nalehko #at #at2018 #appalachiantrail #atthruhike #thruhike #hikertrash #czech #nalehko #nalehkodotcom #ultralightbackpacking @rab.equipment @gossamergear
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🍀 ღ 🍣 X Mas COMPLIMENTARYBIE!!! Get Awesome Adventure gear NOW!. See below. ➡️➡️▶️▶️ Click the link in our bio to get yours! "I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out until sundown: for going out, I found, was really going in." >Author by John Muir #outdooradventurephotos #hwy395 #yosemitepark #electricalwires #canyoneering #tasimpor #yosemitefalls #getlost #52hikechallenge #appalachiantrail #adventures #itsinmynature #wowutah #naturegram #backpackersworld #adventurers #mountainclimbing #giantsequoia #outdoorslife #igersiceland #natureisawesome #trailchat #armatuscarry #7wondersoftheworld #crkt #lapakoutdoor
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3/21/13 I woke to bone-chilling cold with the reprieve of full sun and no wind down in the valley. I was up first and out of the tent warming in the sun with my camera. It was such a confusing mess to see 20-plus hikers worth of stuff flying around in the shelter with so many stoves going. "11bravos" ferret was eating food off the ground and looking hilarious on a paracord harness. A pack of 12 College freshmen had bombed-out every cooking surface at the shelter. No one else in my crew woke up until about an hour and a half later. I got some peep shots of Josh and Douglas in their tent. We waited for the lot to clear out and then cooked up some power oats for breakfast. Went to pump water and noticed my water filter was missing. Long story. One of the college kids somehow ended up with it and packed it away. While Josh was making a phone call to try and fix it, I ran to intercept them down the trail. I knew they were SoBo so I started running. They had about an hour and 45 minute Head Start. I had to be quick or I would have so much more to hike. Sprinted down the Hills chopped them left to right and back again just like skiing. It was around 22F with 20 mph winds. I met up with them about 15 mins later or about two and a half miles down hill. I was shouting the whole way "Maryland hikers!" At the top of my lungs. First Nobo hiker I passed "yeah I saw them 20 minutes ago" cool! Second hiker " I don't know maybe 15 minutes" awesome! Third hiker "not far like 5 minutes" yes! I caught up to them exchange some ghaspy words and recovered the filter from Eskimo Ellie who had accidentally packed it away. They were kind of bewildered but gave me a fun pack of chocolate pudding for my efforts. Turned around and walked back freezing in savage winds Along The Ridges. I had to move fast to stay warm Frost all up in my mask. Made it back with Celebratory wolf call. ate a snack, hydrated and warmed up for the real 15 Mile day. 5 bonus miles for losing the filter to a noob like a noob. it was below freezing all day only warmth was sunlight took some pictures ar Cheoh a bald at mile 145 and met up for lunch roughly 9 miles away at Brown Gap shelter. Cont...comments.
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