39 weeks + 2 days —— It’s anybody’s best guess now! 💖🎀 . When I was pregnant with my first, I took a picture every couple of weeks once I started showing (which was MUCH later than the 2nd and 3rd time around 😂). . This time, Levon has had to remind me, “Hey, don’t you want to take any pictures?” So I’ve taken a grand total of... about 3, I think. . Oh, the differences between baby #1 and baby #3 😂😂 . . #pregnantbelly #pregnancypictures #babynumber3 #anydaynow #pregnantmama #babybelly
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Bags packing (1/3) Everything must be ready now! 😅 Packing for 3: baby, mum and dad. I’m sure I overpacked... 😄 Checking now the baby essentials list: Baby sleepsuits and bodysuits Hat, scratch mittens and socks Muslims squares A cardigan Blanket or shawl Nappies, nappies and more nappies Baby toiletries A nice outfit to go home And do not forget the car seat!!! . #hospitalbag #checklist #38weekspregnant #waiting #finalcountdown #pampers #benetton #samsonite #pregnant #mumtobe #bump #bumpie #anydaynow #thebabyandus #pregnancy #love #itsaboy
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When you’re no longer going to be mumma’s only little guy any day now, you get a special cookie date! 💖🎉 - You guys, we are literally at the point that this could happen any second 😲. And it’s so hard for me to look at this sweet face and know that his whole world is going to change in the blink of an eye. Oh it’ll be amazing! But our little world will certainly be different and I just can’t wait! - So every chance I get to give this little guy some extra love and attention I’m soaking up! 💕 - Plus, a cookie date outside in the sunshine sure makes for one awesome Sunday 🥰 - - - - - - #momlife #datewithmom #boymom #toddlerlife #lifewithatoddlwr #pregnant #expecting #anydaynow
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Last photo shoot before baby #4 arrives ... all credit due to my beautiful and talented sister in law #anydaynow #newborn #boyorgirl? @lifethruthe
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My Loyalty is something you should never question ✊🏽 #DRich #DavidLyn #ADN #AnyDayNow #IzyBeats #Team #loyalty
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As a little girl you always picture yourself as a “grown-up” and how your life will pan out. Where you will live? How many kids you will have? Who will be your Prince Charming? 😍 etc etc. It always seems so distant, like it’s never gonna happen. Like it’s something that is so close to your heart, but so far from your grasp that it will take forever to get there. Well here I am, in our home.. the home that we remodeled and put our hearts into and made our OWN❤️ Married to my High School sweetheart who may not be Prince Charming, but he’s my best friend. 😘 And any day now going to be giving birth to my SECOND beautiful baby girl! 😍 I look at my life and have to pinch myself sometimes. God blessed me with not only one beautiful little girl, but two. 🤗 And he put the most patient, loving, and helpful man in my life to help me raise them. Seriously feeling blessed.. ❤️ God is so so good 🙌 #anydaynow #countdowntobaby #2days #godisgood @alexglennphotography 🤗
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38 weeks! They say they could be 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late right? We are all set, just playing the waiting game! I am still hoping she is an April baby 🥰 I think she will be! I can definitely say now that I’m ready whenever she is. I analyze every twinge wondering if labor will start soon, imagine where I might be when I know I’m in labor, and daydream about what our little baby might look like! Now every time I make one of these posts, I’ll think this could possibly be the last one! 😅 I spend most of my time thinking about what labor will be like and praying for this dumpling to be healthy and well 💗 #38weekspregnant #LylahTrish #babybrooks #anydaynow #wheneveryoureready #babygirl #aprilbaby
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Big sis’ baby shower.. I love when family comes together! Had a ball.. can’t wait to meet my nephew!! #anydaynow #babydunkley #yesterday
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