Only a brainf*rt❓❓🤔 My fellow TEFLs who are non-native speakers but possess the command of the language that is nearly indistinguishable from as of native speakers⚠️⚠️ Have you ever been in a situation as explained in my Instagram post❓❓ Have you ever felt belittled and, kind of, brushed aside during or after a job interview❓❓ Have you ever felt the same way, in the same fashion❓❔❓❔ First off, I am NOT against TEFLs who are native speakers - that would be non-sensical, furthermore, ignorant👀👀 No❕❗‼️ Never‼️‼️ All I want to point out is the undeniably obvious fact that You, including Yours Truly, had to go through the same struggle while acquiring a foreign language, so logically, we possess some skills that native speakers do not✔️✔️ What are these skills❓❓ The very steps of acquiring a second language: feeling insecure, feeling hungry for more, feeling lost, feeling confused by a different grammar, feeling the urge of speaking but bond by our inner demons what if we would be deemed uneducated if we make grammatical mistakes, etc😊😎 And then realising that a language is for speaking, communicating, having banter, so abandoning our fears, finally overcoming our struggles and starting to, eventually use our second language without fear😍😍😘😎😎 In my humble opinion, this is what a native TEFL, providing s/he is only able to speak his/her native tongue, will never understand, entirely🔊🔊 My question is the following: Is this meta-skill not essential, important or, God forbid, the most pivotal aspect of the game of language learning❓❓🤔🤔‼️✔️👀❓ Thank you for reading. May the force be with you all😜😜😊💯👌
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