THE OCEAN CALLS AND SO I MUST GO 🌊 ____________ Is there a place in nature that just calls to you? I love being outdoors in general, but when I'm near a body of water I feel at home. At peace. I've lived within half an hour of an ocean or sea my entire life (sometimes a one minute walk!) and both my kids names reflect an ocean theme. When I need to relax/reflect/regroup, it is the ocean that I drive to. ____________ ➳ Do you have a place in nature that does the same for you? ____________ 🏝 Scavenger hunt... there's a photo of me on my feed somewhere that shows me walking back up this treasure of a path my son and I found in Sydney, incase you want to see the flip side. 😉
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Enjoying the view, yet clearly obsessing over my dog... what’s new. And yes, that is a bottle of wine in my pack. #waterfallwednesday
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I showed up today. : Showing up for yourself is often WAY harder than the actual task at hand. I’m two days late to my new program. I feel a little off kilter about it- because I’m the coach. but also I did what so many don’t. I STILL showed the F up! : It’s not always perfect happy yogi/ fitness Kei. I’ve been a little MIA. My last two weeks have been a living nightmare that ended in a court hearing (I won) with a landlord who was literally terrorizing me from the second I stepped off the plane on July 1. From day to night. Relentlessly. Wrap that up with the logistical hell of getting my SUP shop open- now going on two months late. The landlord nightmare just ended and my shop opens his weekend. I do know there is always resolution to seemingly never ending nuances. The yogi in me not only lives by the philosophy of self care but PREACHES 🙌🏽 it. But in all of that, I STILL forgot about myself. I forgot to show up for myself when I needed it the most- during the tears, days filled heavy anxiety and panic and fear. When I “don’t have time” and feel buried is when I need to show up for me the MOST. So, today I showed up. And it felt so good- I cried again- the way a good yoga sesh makes me feel. My fitness released SO so much of that stuck and lingering ‘yuckies’! Ahhh sweet release, how I’ve missed you. There will always be life curve balls and challenges. Some will be little and some more grandiose. We HAVE to remember to show up when we need to the most. We HAVE to remember. Your mind body and soul will thank you. : #solunleashedproject : #fitness #fitnessmotivation #mindbodysoul #cryitout #sweatitout #showup #standuppaddle #yoga #fitnessbabe #coloradical #shesrad #andshesdopetoo #mountainbabes #summeroflove #hiit #lift #repeat #entrepreneurlife #selflove #bodypositive #mindfulness #nutrition #legallybrunette #standupforyourself #sweatandtears #meditation #justlikeyoga #yogiforlife #businessowner
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My favorite part about climbing has been the relationships I’ve had the opportunity to build with some amazing people. I’ve learned that trust is paramount when it comes to mountaineering, and I’d trust these #ladies with my life. #osat #campschurman #mtrainier
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It has been said by many and experienced by all, that a lack of knowledge creates fear. But also, that seeking said knowledge creates profound courage. So if you yourself have been seeking, we hope you can find just enough courage to come out and join us on an adventure...and just maybe we can help you find the rest! #AndShesDopeToo Above -A truly inspiring and beautiful person that spoke at our autumn annual, Rendezvous in the desert last May. 📸 . 😍 #ASDT #KeepItWild #ChaseYourGOAT #OutdoorWomen #WomenWhoLead
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On Being Home With the fan turned off and the heat of the day creeping in through the open windows, I grow anxious in silence, wondering where that peaceful-easy feeling that so often made itself known at this time of day, has gone. I’m thinking about it all and applying pressure in areas that so desperately want to breathe; It’s nearly 9am and I’m quite certain I’ve talked myself in and out of a weeks worth of doings. I’ve become used to the unfamiliar, my only routine being coffee in the morning and a bed at night (two very precious things indeed), so much so that stepping into a new space has me panicking and questioning and surely overthinking. I’ve thought about this moment quite a bit while traveling, certain that I’d dive right into creating, potting plants, and purchasing a cutesy welcome mat for our front door. But rather, I’m treading water in a transition I hadn’t fully prepared myself for, feeling the need to explain. To explain why I don’t post on here as much and why all sensible thoughts flee when I put pen to paper. I’ll leave it at that, as I am eager to see how this plays out #morethanlyme
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Some days you just need to go fishing! Thanks to the Septs for a great afternoon! #kootenaylake #fishing #fishinglife #thetugisthedrug #withtheboys #icaught2fish
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