Today has been a rough day for Liberty across the nation. I'd like to say I believe this will resolve itself peacefully within the next 7 years, but that likelyhood further diminishes every day. - - Mors Tyrannis - - Partner: @anarchistgarfield - - #politigram #politics #liberal #conservative #libertarian #authoritarian #liberty #us #america #unitedstates #iowa #communist #commie #capitalist #anarchocapitalism #ancap #ancom #socialism #freemarket #political #anarchy #tyranny #guns #guncontrol #2a #constitution #democrat #republican
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A DEMAND FOR NORMALCY After the parkland school shooting many survivors and students all over the country demanded action, demanded gun control. Why are they demanding this? Because they are sick of living in fear, they are sick of waiting for the next mass shooting. They want to live normal peaceful lives, we all do. However gun control hasn’t been the only thing the government and school officials have taken action on. . . In the wake of the school shooting school officials have decided to require students to use clear backpacks. Many conservatives have championed this idea as an alternative to gun control. an invasion of privacy is better than an infringement on our second amendment rights in the eyes of some people. . . They are entirely wrong on this. What good will infringing on a students “right” to privacy achieve? A pistol can be hidden under a coat and you’re not fitting any legal version of the AR-15 or any other rifle for that matter, into a backpack. This is just conditioning people to live in a surveillance state and will prevent nothing. It is security theater at its finest, a solution to make us “feel safe” the thing is it won’t. Living in a fish bowl will only make people more nervous. If sacrifices are made to obtain “security” they should at least work. . . The majority of “solutions” mentioned are the same in one key factor. They infringe on YOUR rights. What people really want is to be able to attend school in a normal manner. Making everyone have clear backpacks is not normal and won’t stop anything. There needs to be other solutions besides “gun control “ and clear backpacks. • Marsh
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