Andrew Adkins, "Who I Am" Release Performance, Woody Hawley Series #andrewadkins #woodyhawley #claycenter #nodepression #americanafest
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Andrew Adkins, "Who I Am" Release Performance, Woody Hawley Series #andrewadkins #woodyhawley #claycenter #nodepression #americanafest
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It's really hard for me to say what home is or who I am. But I think I'm ready to move away from here, time to find myself, time to write new songs and rise...and shine 😎👊💣💥 #londoncalling
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Digging for deeper things these days
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[swipe —> to watch full video] 👫A few days ago we called on our community once again to help with our next project... We're making an Offical Music Video for our single "Easier" and want to use real life stories of struggle as our guiding light. Have you ever asked yourself: "Does this EVER get easier?" Well so have we... and so have a lot of people. But we want to hear the specifics of your story. What was or is the struggle? 
Is it a constent in your life or was this a one-off difficult time period? 
Who was involved and how did they handle it?  Why does it seem like such a hurdle to cross over? Do you feel like it's possible to get to the other side or is it worth throwing in the towel and rebuilding (which is OK sometimes, by the way)? How does all of this make you and the people around you feel? All of these questions are to be used as a spring board to get your mind moving but are not required to be answered. Your response can be 1 paragraph or 3 pages worth.
 It can be a HUGE scary struggle or something less intense that still bites at you. Whatever your story may be—we would be honored to hear it. You can do so by sending us a private message, leaving it in the comment section, or sending us an email: We look foward to hearing your story and appreciate your time and vulnerability so very much. ♥️us
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Soooo.. "Let the Devil In" gets serviced to radio tomorrow with our music video hitting your screens later in the week!! So bloomin' excited! 😃🙃 | Listen out for it and give it a sneaky request on your fave local stations!! 💕🙌
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