ESCLEROSIS MÚLTIPLE 🧬 Es una enfermedad degenerativa y crónica del sistema nervioso, de origen autoinmune, que afecta el cerebro y la médula espinal 🔜 Desliza para saber como el Ganoderma Lucidum de GanoExcel ayuda de manera significativa a esta enfermedad 🍄🧬
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Hey there Alabama! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Alzheimer's picked on the wrong family." Here is our Carrie Salter Richardson and Hannah Richardson in a news article which was just published. Carrie is a 37 year old single mom of 3 who carries the gene for early onset Alzheimer's. She has become a fierce advocate for the Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's, and a force for the need to have people volunteer for clinical trials and research studies. Hanna is her daughter, and after having seen so many people in her family loose the battle to Early Onset Alzheimer's she decided to make it her life's mission to cure it. She started in High School by excelling in her studies and is now enrolled in at Washington University (St. Louis) this fall to major in Neuropsychiatric Research. I have to say the teammates taking part in the Temple Project this June are without a doubt the greatest line up of Alzheimer's / Parkinson's grassroots advocates in our day & age. You can see more of Carrie & Hannah in the up coming "Pilgrimage to Enlightenment" movie. #pilgrimagetoenlightenment #10mountains10years #ambassadorproject #armyofchange #alzheimers #parkinsonsdisease #dystonia #caregiver #thetempleproject #magnaviafrancigena #advocacy #activism
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It just gets weirder every day. 😕 💜 #alz#alzers #alz #alzsucks #livingwithdementia
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Last practice before the big Alzheimer's RivALZ BvB flag football game Saturday! 🏈🏈 #bru#brucrew Bittersweet that these last 9 weeks have come to an end. Have had an amazing time with so many great women and coaches. We all put in countless hours in preparation, fundraising, planning, practices, game film, sprints and fun times! Now all that is left is to show that #bru#brunettesdoitbetter Still time to donate, if you haven't yet! Link in bio! #endalz #fitgirls #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bvb #flagfootball #blessed #grateful #football #brunettes #brucrew #alzheimers
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Spending some quality time with my #Daddyo while I’ve still got him. He’s rejecting food and drink these days and my family thinks he’s ready to pass on to the next realm😔We have to use a #hoyerlift to get him out of bed and into his chair. It’s unimaginably sad but I believe he enjoys being out of bed and here with family even if he can’t say it anymore 😪#fuckalzheimers #fuckparkinsons #alzheimers #parkinsonsdisease #TheLyle #OutskirtsofHeaven
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