Today didn’t go quite to plan and Mumma was a bit out of sorts, but we managed to get some offical “learning” done! Mr O practiced some hand writing and sequencing with days of the week, Miss A did some Maths & English workbook and focussed a little extra on the concept of fractions, and Miss G has found out she can get a job online that she has to have an interview for and training/recruitment for so she focused on learning scheduling and planning her days around fitting in training sessions and working. And of course we had some drawing in there too! 😊 #marinators5 #homeschooling #fullmoon #equinox #noteverydaygoesasplanned #stilllearning #alwayslearning #dontbesohardonyourself #smasheditout
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Thanks so much @hannah_wellapro for today’s training, we loved it! #alwayslearning #lovehairnorthadelaide #wella #hairdressersofadelaide
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