『 If You Want Me To Stay - Sly & The Family Stone 』 • #funkfriday vol. 6 • Wow! Here we are already halfway done with what I wanted to be a ten part series dedicated to the funk. I might not go that long, or I might go for longer but I’m interested what funky shit people want to hear! I was thinking of doing a funk rhythm guitar lesson one of these weeks... let me know if you dig that idea or some other funkiness you’d rather hear me play in the comments. ✌️
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Playing counter lines with a horn is one of the most fun ways to practice time feel, harmony, and overall listening. Here's a little bit of practicing with @cameroncarrella. Guess what tune it is! 😊 #guitar #music #jaz#jazz #jazz guitar #ibanez #trumpet #jazztrumpet #wowmusicians #alternativeguitar #talentedplayerz #sunypurchase #meditation
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Trying to channel my inner @toddpritch with this idea. He's the grooviest mofo around!
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