Testade Nestlés Fitness-flingor tillsammans med en yoghurt från Alpro med blåbär. Helt ok kombo och det var stora, frasiga flingor. 😋 #smartson #nestlefitness #keepgoing #flingor #alpro
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Einmal SojanaturJoghurt mit Kirschgrütze und ein Früchtetopping. . . #dessert #berry #blueberry #foo#foodger #food #sunday #flower #canon #foodphotography #smoothiebowl #alpro #yummy #soyummy #vegan #veganworld #veganfood
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BAKED ONION BHARJI with a CHICKPEA CURRY & RICE (recipe below ) A curry creation of fragrantly spiced, onioned & crisp bharjis,with a simple,mild & aromatic Chickpea curry. A Combination of nourishment & warmth in one bowl- •1 cup spinach • cucumber & 1/2 cup #alpro yogurt •1/2 cup rice & veg For the onion bhargjis- •1 cup courgettes, grated •1/2 cup flour •1/2 tsp ginger & garlic •1/4 tsp parpika •1/2 tsp turmeric •1 tsp lemon juice •1 small onion For the Curry- •1/2 can of chickpeas •1/2 can coconut milk •1 tsp coconut oil •1/2 tsp turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger • 1/2 cup celery & onion For the curry- Heat oil, add onion & celery. Add all the spices. Then chickpeas & rest of ingredients. Simmer. For the baked onion bharji - oven to 200° Mix all the ingredients to a batter. Place small balls on a lined baking tray. Bake for 20 mins. turning once. Serve with rice & prepared veg. Add @alpro yogurt with a squeeze of lemon! Enjoy 💚 Heya lovelies, how's your Friday going? 💚💚💚 whoop whoop to not feeling ill no more! Yay 😉 Today I've just wanted to say a big "F*** YOU" to this disorder!!! I had 2 amazing things happen to me yesterday & it still make me feel completely worthless, caged & overwhelmed! (Tw on the next bit, just incase) I've found myself struggling ALOT more recently. I need to get back on it with snacks 👍 Ever since I had my weigh in at the docs the ED has been intense 😣 it's fair to say I was triggered! The ED Realised it was winning after so long of being in denial. It saw it, & took full advantage.... But I'm going to untethered that grip & come back stronger. I got things to live for now & I ain't about to let you steal more of my life!!! So I'm pushing so bloody hard now!! let's kick Butttttt! Upping the ante!!! Merely surviving isn't good enough. There is life beyond this, we need to FIGHT for it. Push through the EVERYDAY. No matter what the ED tells you, no matter how uncomfortable & exhausted you feel, do not give in!!! freedom is ahead, LETS STOP SURVIVING & start LIVING. We can do it!
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Совместить отдых, искусство и спорт, при этом развивая интеллект? Такое возможно! . На вид — просто шахматы. Представьте удивление мужчины, решившего сыграть с вами партию вручённым подарком. Теперь, в течение игрового процесса, можно подкрепиться чем–нибудь горячительным — освежить голову перед решающим ходом. 🥃 Игровой набор для мужчины включает шахматную доску с фигурами, а также полезные аксессуары — флягу и рюмочки в кожаных чехлах. ♟ . Стильный мужской подарок придётся по вкусу любому мужчине, позволит весело провести время за интересной игрой.🎁 . Вы можете найти нас: 📍Ул.Кирова,141 . . #Кристаллздок #KristallMozdok #Кристалл #Mozdok #Моздок #Alpro
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