Monster leg day just went down😤 • Did more exercises than usual but it was good to switch it up! The video is my hamstring finisher. • RDLs 5x15 ss Stationary lunges w/ dumbbell 5x15 Wanna talk about a legs are still shaking
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If you’ve never tried this bicep movement before you need too right away!!! . . I love this because of the isolation and the fantastic squeeze at the top to get that nasty pump. What’s your favorite bicep movement?? . . Tank from @alphalete Pump thanks to @ghostlifestyle
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Drive is unmistakeable. #madebycompression
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I can give a heart bigger, but it beat a lil different 🖤🙏🏻
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Back with cardio hit!!! (📷 @romeezus and @itsaustinrodriguez ) #dontowncopyrightstothismusic
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