Best day, arm day 😛😍 . . . Slow contractions & time under tension, literally has such a greater impact on muscle growth. I wish that I would of focus more on that then how much i could lift. Because my arm has literally grown so much over the past 4 months because of it !💪🏽🍍 . . #gymshark #alphalete #myprotein #bodybuilding #ehplabs #powerlifting #gains #backday #flex #arms #bulking
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This week has definitely been way out of my normal routine, started my Rehab Therapy Tech job at the hospital and am scheduled 40 hours this week on top of my regular part time hours at my other job (vitamin shoppe), this definitely conflicts with my studying since I also have two exams this week but all I can do is grind through it, sleep less, and keep a motivated mentality, train your mind to use anxiety symptoms as signals for your body to prepare for a challenge that’s incoming which you can conquer, having this mindset will help you overcome the chance of having a mental outbreak and cracking under the pressure! (One of the best things I learned from sports psychology class 2 years ago 👌)
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Had a blast doing a photoshoot for my boy @ruff_diesel today! Also got to train at the one and only @mi40_gym !💪🏻 Definitely recommend anyone in the Tampa area to check it out. PHENOMENAL is the only word I can use to describe it. 😍
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This is where it all goes wrong
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Another day another butt selfie. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Mostly bc I love these leggings that @_dylanswan_ got me from @alphalete - highly recommend. . Felt like crap & had a lot on my mind today during my workout so didn’t do much other than lighter Deadlifts for 4x12 and lighter hip thrusts for 4x10 w/ 3 second hold at the top & slow negatives. Finished it off with 1 mile HIIT on the rower; 20 second sprint followed by 40 second normal speed & repeated until hitting 1600m. Prob one of my favorite finishers. 🤘🏽 . #fitness #fitgirls #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlswithtattoos #babeswithtattoos #tattoo #strongnotskinny #workout #workoutideas #HIIT #highintensityintervaltraining #weightlifting #weightloss #musclegain #personaltrainer #chi#chicagoonaltrainer #chicago #cardio #alphalete #lululemon #workoutleggings #equinox #committosomething #itsnotfitnessitslife #redhair #redhead #mermaid #gains #gainsbychipotle
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Just happy to be fully ME again! 😁 . If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, peep the NEW YouTube video just uploaded (swipe up link in my stories or link in bio) catching you guys up on how the last month and a bit has been for me since my post show video back in September. Officially closing this chapter of “post show blues” and moving forward with all the great things ahead! Mistakes have been made, they’ve taught me something new and I’m bettering myself with each passing day. Thank u, next! 👋🏻 ____________ Sports Bra: @buffbunny_collection Nova Bra in Aegean blue - size L (releasing THIS Friday at 1 PM CST | sizing video being uploaded tomorrow evening)
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3x1 with 335 (first and third sets), managed to get in a 3x3 with 265 before my hip flexors gave up on me
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