Day 4: Wedding brunchies, a stellar art museum, and an outdoor food market on the water. Yes to all of the above. #allthethings#louisianamuseum#reffen_copenhagenstreetfood
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Throwback to the adorable kitchen in the little cottage bungalow I renovated at #1121n23 street last year. I thought that project would NEVER end, but it did and it was #adorable! So as I’m getting super anxious to finish up, I have to take a deep breath and remind myself it will be fine. (Meanwhile 8,000 other things race through my head!) #1moreweek
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I don’t know if I’m more classy than clown shoes or more clown shoes than classy 🤔
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. My morning breakfast routine! 💪 so I can do #allthethings . 12oz filtered water @berkey_filters . 1 raw farm fresh egg(thank you chickens). 1 scoop balance complete. 2 scoops vanilla pure protein. 3 half droppers mineral essence. 1 cup frozen cherries 🍒. Mixed in a @vitamix until smooth 😁. . The balance complete, pure protein & mineral essence I buy from @younglivingeo if you don’t have your own wholesale account yet you can get one by clicking on the link in my bio. 😁 #happymemorialdayweekend #yum #wonderwoman
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I hope your day is as beautiful as this sunrise...and if it's not go check out @kellofaplan 's live story from last night. She brings out her very first planner for a flip through and some honest commentary, and her laughter is contagious. Happy Saturday y'all! #embracethediscs #mambi #meandmybigideas #pla#planneraddict #plannerlife #thehappyplanner #happyplanner #livecreatively #washitape #classichappyplanner #planner #plannerbabe #plannerobsessed #create365 #happy_planner #plannercommunity #happyeverything #happyeverythingclassic #happyeverythingplanner #stickerhappy #stickerobsessed #plannersticker #stickeraddict #iamahappyplanner #allthethings #planahappylife
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Did you swing over and start following @mrsheatherflood .... it's all things business & life & design & inspiration all in one, right?!😋 #allthethings #floodedbygracemarketing #goodnessandmercydesign #livinglifeonpurpose #417land #mrsheatherflood
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One of the only good things about being up and out the door before the crack of dawn is seeing this. My baby boy cuddled up to my husband where they’ve both slept all night. + Life with 6 young kids and homeschooling all while running a successful business isn’t always sunshine and roses but this guy makes my life easy! He’s behind the scenes making sure my water cup is full, my computer is plugged in, the dishes are done, & groceries are put away. He’s the blue to my red. The finder of #allthethings that go missing, my encourager, the calendar keeper and the kid wrangler. I often complain about no sleep but little do you know I have this amazing man who gets up just to hand me the baby every time he wakes just so i don’t have to get out of bed. He doesn’t get enough Facetime on social media but he’s there-my Rock. Steady and holding everything together. + No, it’s not his birthday or our anniversary. It’s just an ordinary Saturday morning and that’s what makes it so special. Even on the ordinary days he makes living life with him the greatest.
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