This surprised us in the mail today. #proudwife #alltheemotions.
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“Well I’ll have the baby’s room ready in time for the next kid” - Mitch (😂), while I’m in the midst of birthing our unexpectedly stillborn daughter Juniper. If you’re new here, we were very last minute on getting the baby’s room done in time for our first born. Mitch had been painting the baby’s room the night before Junie was born & you can see white paint on his hands in all our hospital photos, which prompted his comment while I was in the middle of delivering our baby. Some people react to his quote with horror, while it was the perfect thing I needed to hear at the time! It made me laugh! His humor never ceases to amaze me and help me through the hardest times. 🍊It certainly brings on some levels of grief, but not having our baby room ready when Juniper was born & now expecting her little sibling has become one of the biggest blessings in disguise. Since her birth, I’ve slowly been able to move furniture into the room and Mitch is working on touching up the paint. All of our baby stuff is still in piles up in the loft, many items still in their gift bags from my baby showers. It’ll feel so good to go thru the motions of organizing it all this time around, and I’m not sure how I would handle it if everything was “done.” It’s such a happy and cheery room, you can’t help but smile in here. I’ve been wanting to start getting more things organized in the room, and it was very bittersweet to set up the crib this week! I found this white crib when I was 11 weeks pregnant with Juniper, brand new in the box from Target but at Goodwill for a great deal! While Mitch put it together this week, I managed to keep my emotions together but it brought on waves of sadness as we never prepared for Junie to this way. But being able to do it now for Little F’r #2 was a blessing. Opposite emotions juxtaposed, would you look at that? The @clementinekids crib sheets came in the mail the day before Junie was born and of course I had to put them on right away. 🍊It’s so perfect I can hardly stand it. I also am continually blown away at how many times I can use the word “perfect” after losing my daughter. Cuz Juniper IS perfect! 🧡 🍊Now to hold Mitch to his promise..!
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I'm coming back home today, it's always so hard to leave my boo. 👫 But we always get through it 💪! What's your fav thing to do when you're at the airport or in the plane? I usually like to watch tv shows but today I decided to download a few episodes of the Goal Digger Podcast by @jennakutcher to spend my time ! 😍 Btw if you're an entrepreneur and do not know her already, stop everything you're doing and go check her out! She has so much passion and her desire to help others is seriously AMAZING. Do you have any other business Podcast you like to listen to? 😊 . . . . . #alltheemotions #junebugcommunity #dirtybootsandmessyhair #montreal #allaboutadventure #montrealphotography #montrealphotographer #mtlphotographer #moodylight #snowy #loveandwildhearts #adventurephotographer #alwayslove #featuretheframe #globalcreativess #shootinginthesnow #ADVENTUROUSLOVERS #featuremeinstagood #winterdays #oarsandbeanies #engagementphotographer #snowyshoot #philchesterpresets #crazyadventure #unconventionaltogs #wildhairandhappyhearts #moodyday
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...even the best falls down sometimes! #alltheemotions
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Saw Michelle Obama and leaving a happier person ❤️✌️ . . . #iambecoming #inspired #fangirling #becomingbooktour #alltheemotions #yeg #booktour #sogreat #liveevent
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Early anniversary celebration with my handsome man!! ❤️ . . . It’s also a big night for Luke (and this momma 😭)! He is having his very first sleepover with his Lolli and Big daddy!! 💙I think it’s safe to say he is loving it!! #datenight #myfirstlove #mygrowingboy #firstsleepover #alltheemotions @joshcole77
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