Now that #Summer is fast approaching, you may encounter poison ivy while #hiking or during #yardwork. The #rash is known as #allergic contact #dermatitis and is caused by the substance urushiol. The majority of Americans are sensitive to this (estimates as high as 85%), so your #allergist would not test for this...unless they are the World's #nerdiest #supervillain, Toxicodendron #nerdjoke. If you come into contact with it, rinse off immediately. If a rash develops, you may need topical steroids or other medications. #Funfact Mango is in the same family, so some people have a similar rash from touching mango skin. Pistachio and cashew are also related, but fortunately the substance is easily destroyed by the heating/steaming process when harvested. #allergy #LeavesofThree #LetItBe
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Along with milk 🥛 eggs 🍳 soy, wheat 🌾 , tree 🌳 nuts, fish 🐠 , and shellfish, peanuts 🥜 are among the most common foods that cause allergies. Learning how to recognize an allergic reaction will help you get your child the medical care needed if a reaction occurs. If your child has already been diagnosed with a food allergy, it's important to know: How to manage your child's dietary needs? What emergency preparations to make in the event of an allergic reaction? With a food allergy, the body reacts as though that particular food product is harmful. As a result, the body's immune system (which fights infection and disease) creates antibodies to fight the food allergen, the substance in the food that triggers the allergy. The next time a person comes in contact with that food by touching or eating it or inhaling its particles, the body releases chemicals, including one called histamine, to "protect" itself. These chemicals trigger allergic symptoms that can affect the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, skin, or cardiovascular system. These symptoms might include a runny nose; an itchy skin rash; a tingling in the tongue, lips, or throat; swelling; abdominal pain; or wheezing. People often confuse food allergies with food intolerance because of similar symptoms. The symptoms of food intolerance can include burping, indigestion, gas, loose stools, headaches, nervousness, or a feeling of being "flushed." But food intolerance: doesn't involve the immune system can be caused by a person's inability to digest certain substances, such as lactose can be unpleasant but is rarely dangerous. More on food allergy in next post 😌 #food #allergies #intolerance #allergyseason #alergologia #allergist #skincare #instagram
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The kids take over! #foodallergymom
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¿Crees que tienes una alergia ? No te conformes con menos, consulta con un Alergólogo, el especialista en alergias de 0 a 💯 años. Pide cita en #medicomallorca #allergist #allergies #alergologomallorca #pediatraalergologo #pediatraalergista #centromedico#medico #medicoalergias #palmademallorca#lovebaleares #weekend
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#didyouknow Nut allergies (peanut and tree nut) are the most durable food allergies, but can be outgrown in up to 20% of patients.
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