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Strawberry and Red Bean Mochi Via @hannah__chia 🍓❤️ . Recipe 👇🏼 ———— ICHIGO DAIFUKU / Strawberry and Red Bean Mochi - 6 strawberries (smaller works better) - 1 cup anko (sweet red bean paste)* - ¾ cup (100g) glutinous/sweet rice flour - 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp (150ml) water - 2 tbsp sugar* - for matcha version: 1 tsp matcha powder - potato/corn/tapioca starch (for rolling) Rinse, dry, and hull the strawberries. Take about a tablespoon of red bean paste and wrap it around each strawberry to form a ball (leave the strawberry tip uncovered). Place these in the refrigerator to set. In a heat-proof/microwaveable bowl, combine the rice flour, sugar, and water (and match powder if using) and stir to dissolve. Steamer instructions: place the bowl in the steamer and cover the bowl with a heatproof plate or cover. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes, stiring once or twice until the mixture is thick and slightly translucent. Microwave instructions: cover the bowl loosely with a lid or plastic wrap and microwave for 1 minute. Remove from microwave and stir with a wet spatula. Return to microwave for 1 more minute, stir again, and repeat for a third minute until mochi is smooth, pliable, and slightly translucent. On a clean work surface, sprinkle a generous amount of starch and turn the mochi onto it. Be careful as it will be hot. Put starch on your hands, to prevent sticking, and cut the mochi into six equal sized portions. Flatten the mochi into a circle, and place a red bean paste ball (strawberry tip down) in the center of the mochi and bring edges together, pinching to close. Repeat for the rest of the strawberries. Notes: *I made my own sweet red bean paste but you can also use store-bought. *I used coconut sugar but this made my mochi slightly yellowish— use cane sugar if you want a whiter color. . . . #vegan #vegandessert #veganism #feedfeed #buzzfeed #buzzfeast #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #dessertideas #strawberry #eatclean #alkaline #cleaneating #crueltyfree #mindfulleating
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Repost from @alkaline_vegan_news Follow @healthyvibrantlife for more health info. Hey beautiful people! Think about this for a second.. What they teach you that is healthy for breakfast and what actually is. The best thing to break your fast after sleeping is beautiful juicy water rich fruits :) love yourself and your body unconditionally always 🍀 health is wealth!
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Beauty begins from the INSIDE OUT! . If you’re looking to have better hair, skin, nails, and to literally slow down and turn back the time on aging, you don’t need to take collagen - you need to clean out your gut w/ chlorophyll! . All health begins in your microbiome, & a healthy gut gives you healthy blood, & there’s a knock-on effect to the rest of your body. . On the flip side, if you’re pumping acidic foods into your body, they will leak FROM your gut INTO your bloodstream. . Eventually, your blood will dump these toxins into your tissues, what I call the ACID CATCHERS of the body. . From there, they end up coming out through your skin (the 3rd kidney, and largest detox organ in your body) - so if you’re looking to have stronger hair, or if you feel like you’re aging faster than your true biological age, you need to GET OFF YOUR ACID! . The very best thing you can do to reverse this, is to drink Green Juice for its it’s alkalizing, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. . We want to thank Beauty News NYC for recently featuring Alkamind Daily Greens as one of its top beauty bets! . Daily Greens is formulated by alkaline diet expert @drdarylgioffre Dr. Daryl Gioffre, & is a rich alkaline superfood blend of 21 raw & organically grown vegetables, grasses, herbs, low-sugar fruits to help you LOOK BETTER AND FEEL BETTER! . Order it at getoffyouracid.com . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaline #alkalinediet #alkalize #raiseyourstandards #energy #alkamindDiet #beauty #skin #hair #nails #healthychoices
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