Trip to one of the local beauty spots #AliceSprings #StandleyChasm
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The best sunsets happen when you least expect it 🙏🏼 Took a knee for this one
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Quick tips to seeing Alice Springs in 4 hours ➡️ 1. Check into your hotel 2. Have a beer at the pool to decide how you are going to see Alice in 4 hours 3. Go to the Road Transport Hall of Fame, get a tour of the Old Ghan from some fella in a caravan who hasent opened it in 2 years 4. Go to ANZAC Hill 5. Head to supercheap and buy a new battery for when it dies the next day 6. Have a swim 7. Head to the casino to win some fuel money back 8. Go for a burn around the burbs #alicesprings #tmoztrips
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