Alchemy’s purgatory 👹😇 #alchemy #mixology #mixologybar #hellandheaven #purgatory
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Live Banana crepe with figalicious berry jam and freshfruits. I love crepes sweet or savory is my style. Sometimes it can be fun and interesting to share what we are eating. It can also help to inspire and give us new ideas to shake up the routines with our diet/lifestyle. So what are you eating today? #alc#alchemist #rawvegan #alchemy #rawfood #RawStar #alchemist #rawcrepes #dehydrator #figs #berries #seasonalproduce #plantbased #healthiswealth #seamoss #dates #sunfiredfoods #chiaseeds #cashewcreamsauce #healthychoices #rawbreakfast #dehydratorrecipes
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‘If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.’ This card comes forth to remind you of the absolute magnificence of this beautiful world we live in. To truly appreciate it is to really open your heart and mind to the magic of nature and the divine matrix of which we are all a part. When you are in the space of gratitude, you are in the space of love and acceptance of what is. There is a deep appreciation of the moment, which allows walls of resistance to break away from within you. Breaking through walls of resistance allows you to address fears, which were ultimately formed by you to keep pain out. By building walls around your heart, however, you’re actually keeping pain in and stopping your soul from evolving. Gratitude hold such a high vibration that it can literally break through the strongest, most stubborn walls. Gratitude is one of the highest forms of love you can bestow upon another. When you are grateful you radiate love. The more love you radiate the more love reflects back towards you. Being in this space of awe and gratitude literally opens portals to higher frequencies of love to help guide you. There’s so much to be grateful for. There are numerous trees, plants, stars, flowers, beautiful sunsets, snowflakes and reflecting water drops. Tapping into any one of these beautiful cosmic creations allows us to tap into the universal consciousness of pure love. Allow gratitude to fill your entire being. Immerse yourself with this feeling of wonder and awe. This is the first step to inner transformation.💛 #gratitude #breakthrough #love #light #alchemy #empath #starseed #lightworker #tarot #transmute #heartchakra #cosmic #cosmos #divine #twinflame
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Only you makes me feel Bad when m solo . Since you've been gone I've been dancing on my own There's boys up in my zone But they can't turn me on 'Cause baby you're the only one I'm coming for I can't take no more, no more, no more . - #solo - @cleanbandit and @ddlovato - P.C. - @poojajain__
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