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This is like- I don’t know. Whenever I read the parts where Harry talks about never having asked Dumbledore about his personal life, it makes me sad. Because we do so much, hoping to be remembered in some way, and then poof. Everything (almost everything) goes with you to the grave. . . . . #ggad #grindeldore #gellertgrindelwald #albusdumbledore #fbcog #harrypotter
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don’t @ me but i think Hermione is like a proud mom of 2 kids, sorry but we still love her ❤️
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How we doing guys!! I’m proud to present you my newly renovated suitcase for my Newt Scamander cosplay!! I was lucky enough to find a template on Google to print off, so me and my very creative mum spent the evening redecorating the inside of the suitcase and I’m so pleased with the final result! It may not be screen accurate, but I’m very happy Witt it regardless, nuff said!👌🏻So Newt is pretty much all done and ready to go for this weekend at MCM Birmingham!! Can’t wait to see you all there! (My Nifflers are gonna be so happy with their newly decorated home 😝)
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This has to be one of the best HP⚡️ quotes. #albusdumbledore
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