The sky is extra blue here. #blu#blue/a> #blue #yellow #rome #roma #airplane #trastevere #afternoonlight
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Start Tuesday off right with some #facts - when the lighthouse was constructed in 1874 the island north of it was just a tidal sand bar and a nuisance for ships heading up the river. Middle Ground Flats is now above water all the time ever since it was built up with dredging spoils in the early 1960s. #hudsonathenslighthouse #hudsonathensferry #hudsonvalley #afternoonlight #river #lighthouse #middlegroundflats #sky
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I love all the shadows that fill our home when the sun begins to set. Hoping the sun shows its face today. I kind of miss it. . I have a full (but fun) day so it’d be nice to get some Vitamin D while I’m out. I’m starting my day with a haircut + some highlights (although I’m naturally blonde, my roots are quite dark!). Then, I’m spending the afternoon getting a mani/pedi with my sister. . After that, I’m picking Jason up from work + then we’re running some last minute errands before our trip to Ireland. What’s on your schedule today? #archboldhome
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